Our Integration With Switchboard

Today, we’re excited to announce Core DAO’s integration with Switchboard, a permissionless oracle protocol for general-purpose data feeds.

With the support of Switchboard’s oracle network, developers on Core are empowered with secure and permissionless connection to cross-chain and off-chain data, such as price, sports, weather, etc.

Why does Core need oracles?

Blockchains require innovative methods like oracle networks to access any data that is not natively available. When bringing off-chain data onto the Core blockchain, oracles must align with Core’s founding principles, namely achieving an optimal balance of security, scalability, and decentralization. Switchboard aligns with that founding philosophy as a permissionless, customizable, and decentralized oracle protocol.

Why Switchboard?

Switchboard is powered by a decentralized set of oracles to validate off-chain truths on-chain and with that empowering developers with the tools such as the Publisher and Explorer to build and manage their data feeds. Many products such as Decentralized Finance, require data outside of the blockchain and with Switchboard’s oracle network and developer tools, developers can permissionlessly build, customize and manage data feeds to plug into their protocols.

Core’s oracle will be live soon. Once launched, Core’s on-chain use-cases will vastly exceed traditional blockchain capabilities. Early Core contributor CJ Reim stated, “Switchboard grants Core developers access to data that is otherwise unavailable and increases the scope of applications that can be created with both on-chain and off-chain data. We’re excited about this partnership and empowering developers to build on Core” Given the customizable and accessible nature of Switchboard, both the diversity of on-chain applications and their ability to create off-chain value is greatly increased.

Chris H, Co-Founder of Switchboard mentioned, “Bringing Switchboard to Core establishes it as the first oracle network for the Core ecosystem and allows for developers to seamlessly bring the data they need on-chain to power a wide range of use cases on top of Core. We’re excited to work with the large global Core community and to help grow the Core ecosystem.”



We are building web3 infrastructure & promoting public chains on Bitcoin’s PoW. http://coredao.org

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Core DAO

We are building web3 infrastructure & promoting public chains on Bitcoin’s PoW. http://coredao.org