UX’ing SEX

We All Do It or At Least Try

A lot of us have thought about it, tried it, failed at it, or doing it all the time. In the beginning it was awkward, but as we did it more we got better, and after awhile we even got pretty good at it. It makes a lot of sense because it is a human instinct and our bodies tell us it feels right. Yet, when our minds and emotions get involved all of sudden it can get confusing. Our gut instinct knows when something is oh so clear, feels so right, and just simply fits perfect.

Yes, Maybe, No

Just think about it…Comparative Competitive Analysis is a big part of our lives which we engage in constantly in this world. Especially, when it comes to the opposite sex. We make mental notes comparing this person to that person, tabulating whether this person is better or not, and trying to figure out if this person will be “the one” or just “one time”. We are all searching and hungering for the best user experience.

I Feel Good When YOU Feel Good

In its purest form it should never be about you, but it should be about the other person; the user. You should research, study, and analyze their needs, goals, touch points, pain points, and keep in mind potential solutions till you feel like you know this other person (persona) intimately and can make decisions based on this insight.


Always initiate foreplay with a specific purpose (task analysis) because it allows you to understand your partner’s flow (user flows) to reach the intended results. Once you understand your partner’s happy spots you can create a site map to refer back to or maybe even figure out ways to get there more efficiently.

Exploring positions

You can imagine (iterate) by sketching out your plan of attack. You can even try to wireframe some Kama Sutra positions out, but it isn’t until you actually bust out the prototype and test out different positions (user testing) that you will find out what works. User testing can either be amazing by stroking your ideas or brutally honest that you suck. If your prototype stands up to the process the results are very satisfying. On the flip side, if your prototype is not performing as planned and your user is not engaged things start to become limp and the interaction drys out. At the end of the day, the more you do it the better you get. Remember, practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect proccess makes perfect.


Your goal is to make sure that person is on a wonderful journey with you wiggling with joy, gasping in pleasure, happy, possibly mind blown, and that final “ahhhhhh” moment where the person FEELS like this was the best interaction and experience. Thinking is okay, but feeling will leave that permanent lasting mark because you connected with that core “why”, creating that unforgettable experience which will bring them back again and again.