Designers, stop asking black people to work for free
dex digital

Not sure why but your article called me to respond. Normally I don’t get pulled into this race-baiting stuff, but seeing as I am free to comment I wonder how well you take to someone critiquing your work.

Firstly, your tone is very aggressive and if your aim is to put off readers, then it you were very successful. It has nothing to do with your skin color, but your claims to being a professional victim.

I had to laugh when you said people associate the yellow Emoji to whiteness. I’m white and I fail to see how my pale WHITE skin can be appropriated by a YELLOW Emoji symbol. It’s a communication tool that is designed to allow for the replacement of words. Associating it with race is only something YOU are doing.

It’s hilarious how you aggressively call out the whiteness of Medium, yet you use it frequently. Lets review your words “Hell, Medium is full of white papers nobody asked for, written by white people nobody listens to.” — and now replace the words “white” with “black”. Does that sound racist to you?

You are free to post your thoughts. By all means, I think it’s great that you do. But from an outsider’s perspective, you are not doing anything to rally people to your cause. It just comes across as a whiny Millennial playing the race/victim card. So if you want to gain traction and followers and have people support issues you feel are important, instead of just complaining about others, how about use Medium to propose solutions. You’ll find the most popular people on Medium aren’t ones who point out faults of others, but rather, write articles to help find solutions.

After all, isn’t that what being a designer (regardless of color) is all about?