What Is 21st Century Learning Technology And How Is It Beneficial For Students?

Technological advancement has changed everything from mode of communication to method of education. Also it has connected different modes for better communication and education. New age learning is called e-learning as students use e-books and they take lessons in e-classrooms.

What is new age technology?

21st century learning technology would certainly be advance technology. Today’s phone wielding students want everything to be quick. They have access to information and also they can communicate with their teachers after classrooms and also on weekends and holidays. Also teachers can find different ways to provide education.

YouTube teaching

Teachers can make videos of their lectures and upload the videos on free and most popular video sharing website YouTube. Students can access the videos from their home PCs and also from their phones. Advantage of videos is that they can be played again and again. Also the videos can be shared and also students can start communicating with their teachers through videos.

A student raises a question on the comment section of the video. Another student sees the question and he gives answer to the question. Or the teacher can give link to another video that has answer to the question raised by the student. YouTube can play a crucial role in teaching in new age. It is for this reason that videos have been included in 21st century learning technology in education.

Online classroom

How about making a classroom that is totally different from its traditional counterpart but that gives real teaching experience. It is a virtual classroom where students can take tuitions and teachings in a hassle free manner. Teachers would also get time to focus on students instead of forcing discipline in the class. Online tuition is more advantageous than physical teaching in many ways.

Teaching on social media

Could social networking platforms be used for providing teaching? It seems difficult to provide education from social media but teachers can try this method and they can continue providing education on social media, if they find it convenient. Social networking sites are good for making study groups. Also students can remain in touch with their teachers from social media. Social networking sites can also be included in 21st century learning technology.

The technology is changing fast and it is changing for good. In future, we will see new ways of providing education and the new ways would certainly improve teaching experience of those working in this profession.

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