CORE Family — Past, Present and Future…


Salutations and Celebrations to all Crypto fans and development communities. Its been quite the roller coaster ride this year with a mixture of news across the board, from the depths of a sell off in BTC at sub $200 which gave alts a fantastic platform and perhaps a false sense of security, to a steady rise in BTC value against most commentators predictions which saw a lethal strike on the plethora of altcoins and tech values far and wide. The unrelenting attack from the puppets of centralized systems of economic fortitude continued to influence the general population throughout much of the year.
With every article, the Vampire of disinformation plunged it’s cutting teeth deep into the necks of many weak handed and uninformed crypto enthusiasts, creating a black hole of new technologies that seemed to float around in a dead space of uncertainty. The tactic remained empowered and fully fueled with the rise in BTC creating a graveyard of devastated Alts, whose carcasses litter the landscape like the bodies of devastated soldiers in trench warfare, WW1 style.
With so much misinformation and the mainstream media push for people to see Crypto as purely a speculative currency at best, it is vital that the few remaining technologies that have underlying value work in harmony to firstly protect and secondly project the truth of Crypto as a whole. We must work diligently to illustrate in the simplest way possible, that there are forces at work with everything to lose, if we, the pioneers of crypto, are left alone to create decentralised applications, that allows the distribution of everything important, from money to contracts, pay slips to land titles, loans to international value transfers.


We are fortunate to live in a time, that through technology, the average person is able to strike at the very heart of the control mechanism that has kept us in a state of slavery for literally thousands of years. If money/currency is no longer centralized, rather than the commodity it has become for the rich, and is transformed back into the means of exchange it was intended to be, our lives would be enhanced on multiple levels and our civilisation would be empowered to grow abundantly. Thus, we have not only an obligation to ourselves, but to humanity as a whole to breakthrough the great wall of ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ that has been built up of mens souls and tireless missinformed and missdirected passion.


CORE MEDIA is CORE’s effort to affect change. I’m not sure who said it, but being the change you wish to see in the world is an honourable motivation and a great mission statement for any business.
With MX’s appointment as the Executive Director of CORE Media, we have the backbone to initiate a campaign to reach out on a global scale through the use of social media platforms together with press, seo and media contacts. Using current technologies such as the most obvious to the latest veted platforms that have the inherent mechanics required, CORE Media is led by a team of passionate individuals who catalyze this advancement, to wipe away the smog from the windows to our souls, to encourage and assert the authority that we are the architects of our own destiny as individuals as well as a collective.


In the last couple of years as a trader of forex, commodities and stockmarkets, I have witnessed an incremental change in the audacious practice of manipulation. It has always been prevelent, but not so obvious as it has been in these past few months where global events have caused evident changes in wealth distribution.
It was always the intention from the outset to have our trading play a significant part in our wealth creation activities, but that it was to be a short lived exercise in consideration of the forecast changes that I anticipated. That day is here, where it is no longer so obvious that current events should form future trends, since by and large, events are manipulated and forex/stock/commodity prices are but fictional indicators controlled by central banking policies that further enhance the account balances of the rich to the detriment of the lower socio-economic percentile. Further, CORE has been in an ongoing cycle of adaptation, morphing its existence to ensure it remains significant in times of change, powerful in times of apprehension and approachable in times of uncertainty.
This is where the strength of our organization is at its most powerful. By leading and pioneering change, by embracing technologies and reporting current trends in the Crypto space, we are ensuring that the legacy of the fundamentals of Crypto are tuned to empowerment for all our people whether or not they are current holders of CORE or CORE Media.


Significant milestones were met in the previous year leading to appointments that were well deserved. With MX taking a Co-Directorship of CORE Group, he has been an inspiration to the entire executive team and to the NXT community with such a great knowledge base and a ‘can do’ attitude, he has sparked many new ideas and pushed forward strategies that seek to underpin our position in the NXT community and encompass a group ideal. He was instrumental in the creation and adaptation of CORE Media and consequently solidified his role as the Executive Director of same.
Futurist became an official ‘Partner’ of CORE Group with such dedication and attention to detail. As Asset Strategy Committee Chair, his strategizing of our asset accumulation has been a difficult task with much ‘blood in the streets’ but has managed to mitigate significant writedowns with a good focus on reliable assets and maintaining decisive strategies. He is considered a Founder of CORE Group and has been allocated a percentage of CORE Founder shares.
3rdStryker became an official ‘Partner’ of CORE Group with an equivalent amount of dedication. As ‘Editor in Chief’ of the CORE Magazine, his work load is quite demanding. Most in the the NXT community know of 3rdStryker and his presence is warmly welcomed. He is a well rounded individual that takes after my own heart in terms of charity driven efforts and with keen a sense of fair play has proven beyond a doubt his worthy inclusion into the Senior Executive Role. 3rdStryker is also considered a Founder of CORE Group and has been allocated a percentage of CORE Founder shares.
Lootz has worked incredibly hard over these last couple of months to bring life to CORE Media. As an IT professional and taking on the role as its ‘Chief Systems Engineer’, he is an essential ingredient to laying the foundations and compiling a fantastic portal for CORE Media was his initial assignment. He has been a breath of fresh air to our crew at times when we most needed it. With his ‘lighter side of life’ attitude and his health conscious mindset, he has brought something to the table that is sorely needed in Crypto, that of a healthy mind and healthy body produces healthy results. Lootz has also wound up theSuperNET RADIO show which is now CORE Radio and runs under the CORE Media asset umbrella. He is considered a Founder of CORE Media and has been allocated a percentage of CORE Media Founder shares.
Infinitechaos has finally settled in after relocating to a new state and has rejoined the fold to continue on his Public Relations portfolio that was charged to him. His abilities as a writer and copy analyst are indespensible and will be sure to propel him into the Founders league of Executives. Additionally, he is at the forefront of the Coin Strategy Committee and always vigilant at protecting and enhancing our treasury holdings. Look forward to hearing more as his appointment nears ratification.
Damon has been tremendously influential with his timley articles and depth of knowledge in areas that are close to the bone. It is significant to understand that much of the community in Crypto development circles and some speculators, are driven by something much more urgent and satisfying than profit and loss accounts. Damon’s ability to articulate this message in meaningful dialogue has brought a sense of reality to CORE Group supporters. With his connections outside of Crypto reaching deep into the inner circles of Alternate Lifestyle Communities, his efforts are well received and potentially position CORE Group to be an extended hand of friendship. Damon will be promoted to a Senior Executive post in due course.
Sigwo’s energy, along with his bright and ‘matter of fact’ interjections, have been well received. As our resident Developer, he has been working behind the scenes to bring the CORE platform together. It has been a pleasure for CORE Group to watch Sigwo’s rise in popularity and his tech is beginning to show signs of the genius that we continue to nurture to fruition. His potential to become a Senior Executive is well ingrained and close enough to taste.


Commitments and personal events have dogged us all over the year, myself included, so although quiet, you can rest assured that the remaining crew members are looking for that window of opportunity to stamp their presence and bring something to the Group that will improve performance, align relations and/or achieve results.

As mentioned, CORE Group changes…

We are looking to change our Brand Design to follow with our Asset ID name ‘CORE’. So wherever you see ‘BTCOR’ over time it will be replaced by ‘CORE’. There are only Two (2) assets that we control directly CORE and CORE Media. Think of CORE as a funds management facility, similar to a hedge fund with Gold, Silver, Btc, Foreign Currencies and Crypto assets — CORE Media as Advertising and Promotions facility that will manage campaigns for not only CORE but will provide services for Crypto in general.
I am personally building my real life business up currently which is why I have been AFK a lot lately. Some of you may have already gotten wind of the idea to bring my bricks and mortar business to the blockchain. MX and I have been discussing this for approx three months. The last couple months focus has obviously been on the CORE MEDIA release and the essential cooperatives that will ensure its success. Proving to be an organization built on the strength of its leadership, CORE has maintained and proven itself well. This has allowed me the latitude to focus in on the business of running a company.
Exciting and exhausting, I have been securing contracts, arranging many quotes and establishing relationships that will push CORE to the next level of integration from Crypto speculation to a fully hands on product distribution and installation business model. As sole Director, I have been focusing in on operations, suppliers clients and accounts. This has inevitably caused me to refrain from trading the Forex, Gold and Silver markets, so this component will no longer be a part of CORE operations but for exceptional circumstances only.
CORE and CORE Media will receive a percentage of the real life business revenue. Over the next month I will be factoring in all operational expenses and charging an accountant to oversee my Business Activity Statement. This is not a speculative or flash-in-the-pan asset since it is my livelihood and I need to take a salary to support my family, so everything needs to be secure solid and protected. The correct structure needs to be created to ensure all investors are also protected. I will be releasing an initial number of assets to generate some working capital required to ensure we are well positioned to ride the waves of economic tidal variances and put in place the necessary architecture to establish a solid business model.


So, we have come a great distance in such a relatively short span of time. I remember the early days at the beginning of this year like they were some long lost memory. Personalities have come and gone, others have risen to fame. Bitch fights, scandals, thefts and questionable disappearences have been hot potatoes for discussion, but the community survives to fight another day. Let’s embrace that same spirit in the coming year. 2016 is setting up to be quite an interesting year in terms of global economy. When the figment of imagination that is pushed upon us as a global recovery shows itself as a farce, we can either head for the bunkers or take the lead…I know which camp i’d rather be in…do you ?
Love to you all and your families. Please be safe over the holidays.

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