‘Crowdfunding’ The First Book About Nxt

To celebrate NXT`s second birthday, an ambitious project was proposed to publish the very first book about NXT. The project is headed by Ludom and Nxter magazine (CORE Media partner). Originally, the book was only available as an online PDF and it contained articles in five different languages (English, Russian, French, Spanish and Chinese). You can view the original PDF and more information here. The project has since expanded with the ultimate goal to print the book in English and to translate them all into five languages as an e-book.
A project such as this requires support so we urge NXT users to support this publishing. It is estimated that a total of 200,000 NXT is needed in order to cover the costs of the operation. The expenses include printing costs for 200 books (150mm x 220 mm, 136 + 4 pages, Interior B/W 90gr Premium, Couverture Quadri 235gr Integra Antalis, spine sewn and glued), shipping costs, taxes and custom fees (30% of the book’s price), ISBN and Swiss National Library registration, and the cost of shipping the books to the contributors (writers, editors and translators).
There are many different ways you can support this endeavour. You can donate directly by sending NXT, assets, or MScoins to NXT-DE5P-4A5T-6SHU-7FHCV. You can also show your support by actually buying the book itself on the NXT Asset Exchange for 3,200 NXT. If you wish to buy books in bulk, you can buy them using the MScoin. For the three books it costs 8,000 NXT under the code TENGB. For ten books it costs 24,000 NXT under the code XENGB. Furthermore, for a whopping fifty books, it costs 80,000 NXT under the code LENGB. Please check the forum post here if you wish to pay with an alternative currency. If you speak another language you can also purchase the e-book version in English, French, Russian, Chinese and German for 320 NXT. Please click here for the asset IDs ‘Crowdfunding’ The First Book About NXT.
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