Noomap: United Earth Aims to Map Humanity’s Most Vital Skills and Resources

Since we’ve launched CORE Media and proclaimed our intention to harness the potential of technology to empower humanity, we’ve learned about and connected with numerous organizations that align with the new paradigm we seek to bring into existence. One such organization is United Earth, which serves to function as a resource and toolkit for networking and empowering the life-affirming, new paradigm-seeking folks across the globe.
“Humanity urgently needs a new story to effectively address the multiple crises we are facing such as climate change, ecological destruction, war, economic inequality, etc. Today there is a rapidly growing understanding that all these adversities are inherently interconnected, and that they are all symptoms of political and economic systems which are disconnected from the welfare of humanity and our home.

United Earth is basically a ‘universal docking-station’ for both individuals and groups where we can all share and discover our diverse wealth of knowledge, ideas, visions, skills, tools, technologies, resources and transition strategies on one common platform. Here we can focus our collective intelligence and cooperative actions towards a peaceful, free, just and healthy world for everyone.”
United Earth believes that we already have the solutions to many of our problems available to us and recognizes that the next step is overcoming the obstacles keeping them from being implemented. To help address this, a Solutions Toolkit is available on their website and provides links to a plethora of information on relevant issues and potential solutions.
A primary concept central to these solutions is that of re-localization. Many of the problems humanity faces today are the result of systems that have led to the destruction of local economies for the benefit of global conglomerates. United Earth knows that the planet and humanity can only thrive collectively as much as its parts thrive individually and thus advocates solutions that focus on re-localization of our systems and believes that we can leverage our global interconnectivity through technology and the Internet to empower our local communities by sharing tools, resources, and skills and learning from countries and communities across the globe who have experienced success in re-localizing such as Iceland, Ecuador, and Costa Rica.
The first of the technological tools United Earth aims to provide is called the Noomap. It functions through a series of algorithms that serve to connect individuals and communities that have compatible needs and resources or skills to share. For example, if a community in northern California needs a permaculture expert trained in food forest design, Noomap can find someone with the skills the community needs and make the connection. United Earth invites all life-affirming individuals worldwide to participate in building the Noomap by sharing the skills and resources that you need and those that you have to offer. With our participation, Noomap can evolve into an invaluable map of empowered beings with incredible skills and knowledge to share and begin to connect the dots worldwide and empower humanity as a global society of interconnected, localized communities.
Please visit United Earth’s website and explore the possibilities of Noomap at

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