Software for Relocation Company

QuickMove Technology is a leading software company that focused in technology development in moving industry. Earlier Moving industry was struggled a lot with out automation of the business. Now there are some companies offering automation for moving company. QuickMove is the leading company with 9 years experience in developing integrated software for relocation industry.

QuickMove provides a very effective platform for the Relocation companies to tackle the challenges that they face today. This plat form will help every relocation company in following way.

  1. Standardization of processes
  2. Reduction of manual interventions
  3. Customer self-service
  4. Scale business without scaling team

Apart from software platform, we are providing android and iPhone apps for pre-move survey. This pre-move survey app will reduce the time of the surveyor and operations staff.

With QuickMove platform you can manage operations, accounting, customer service. Centralized customer service is the main advantage of quickmove platform’s one advantage.

Complete move and storage management software: You can manage international move, domestic move, storage, local move, office move, orientation, transportation, packing, data center migration etc.

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