Black mirror: ‘Nosedive’ S.3 E.1 review

Having your life rated on social media, a crazy fiction right?

This episode, written by Parks And Recreation’s Michael Schur and Rashida Jones, tells the story of a near future where everyone rates the interactions they have with people around them on a 5-star scale.

This user-generated score determines your rank in society by giving you access to special perks (like a fancy apartment or an exciting job) the higher it gets. Bryce Dallas Howard plays Lacie, a young girl trying to fit in. She trains in front of her mirror to achieve the perfect smile, is always nice to people around her and dresses in soft pastel colors hoping that people will increase her score. Her life takes a dark turn when she’s down-rated after a fight with her airlines company and starts to be slowly rejected by society.

This system already feels familiar: when your Uber driver gets his account deactivated if his score goes below a certain point, or when a restaurant receiving bad reviews on Yelp is forced to close its doors. But beyond the criticism of social media and consumer-rating system, it’s the story of Lacie that stands out: living in the constant fear of being rejected or down-graded because you’re not rich enough or beautiful enough or smart enough.

This episode asks a simple question: can we still be loved if we show who we really are? In the final minutes of the episode, Lacie meets a man in prison and they start yelling at each other without any fear of judgment. This spontaneous interaction creates an instant emotional connection between them. This happy ending reminds us that authenticity might be the only valuable currency when it comes to self-worth.

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