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At Meilleurs Agents, we have several backend applications, mostly written in Python. With the launch of new products, we now have more and more applications to maintain.

For most of our projects, we use pipenv to manage dependencies and to produce deterministic builds. In order to monitor the state of our dependencies in the pipenv lockfile (outdated dependencies, securities vulnerabilities…), we wanted to add an automatic process to alert developers of the state of an application dependencies.

The goal for developers is to to be able to quickly check if a project requires updates dependencies-wise.

Trying Dependabot

First, we tried Dependabot, as…

During my 6 months internship at MeilleursAgents in backend web development, my subject was to rewrite the application responsible for collecting analytics metrics on the website. The goal was to rewrite the application itself, part of the pipeline to store the data and use this opportunity to try new managed hosting solutions.


The application, called WebAnalytics is used for collecting analytics events from visitors when they see or interact with realtor content on the website. The events themselves are very simple, with an identifier and a key/value list of data.

These events are then stored on our data warehouse on…

Corentin Garcia

Backend web developer —

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