Getting your “Green-thumb” on for your health

I have largely been a “black-thumb” when it comes to gardening killing everything in sight including lucky bamboo; but recently discovered I have more of a “green-thumb” when it relates to herbs and plants that can be used for health benefits. There is something to be said for creating a self-sustaining supply of nutrition for yourself and your family. It is yet another way to absorb truly organic produce which can only lead to better health long term. It’s also a fantastic way to eliminate the everyday excuses that stop us from cooking fresh, nutritious foods at home! So if you have a little room at home to invest in some herbs here are 3 basics that I would start with:


This herb is pretty forgiving when it comes to planting and growing- great for newbie gardeners! It’s also loaded with Vitamin A which means it’s improving breath, digestion, nausea, headaches, respiratory disorders, asthma, pimples and protecting against teeth cavities. It’s also energising so it’s perfect to coincide with your exercise routine! Its great in cold drinks, as a tea and in salads.


A super handy hern to have on hand. It’s long been used as a herbal remedy for respiratory problems such as bronchitis, as well as the common cold because it’s a natural expectorant, and it also has antiseptic properties. You can drink it as a tea to soothe sore throats and can even be used as a preventative to food poisoning — so it’s a great go to if you are feeling queasy. Great in soups, salads and even Champagne (try it!!) and it grows easily.


Did you know that the fragrance released from the plant has been shown to improve memory and cognitive function — just by smelling it?! Its super easy to grow, and is packed full of immunity boosting antioxidants and minerals. It is great cooked, baked, fresh and as a tea. Handy if you travel a lot — this little plant can help replenish what your body loses in air travel and helps you to recover from jet lag.

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