Living through Self-Love

I have always believed that exercise is one form of self-love. And like exercise, the art of self-love is something that takes practice and consistency to be effective. Studies have been done that show that when we love ourselves we are far better at loving others, and additionally we are often better at our jobs, studies, businesses, sleep, eating, exercise and a myriad of other things. So here is a tool you can use to bring self-love into your life:

The art of 1–2–3:

I set aside 3 moments in my week for acts of self-love. On a Sunday I take a few minutes to think about what might be good for me in the week ahead, and consciously decide on 3 things or ‘moments’ that I am committed to making for myself. In doing so, I am teaching my brain that I can commit to something and I am teaching myself to be present in those moments. Those lessons are so applicable to every facet of life and have underpinned a way of living that is forward, and positive. Now in reality you will likely do more than 3 things a week, but by consciously being aware of three of those things you are being more present with yourself, and appreciating yourself in a deeper way.

What I did last week:

  1. Meditate before bed
  2. Stretch and exercise
  3. Put on a natural clay mask

What did you last week that shows self-love? What are you going to do this week that continues that lifestyle and positive living?

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