The unexpected things exercise will teach you

There are hundreds of benefits that can be gained from regular exercise, but in my experience the biggest benefit is the relationship you form with your body. The side benefits that come from that relationship are truly boundless. So if you’re considering prioritising your fitness, you might find some of these added bonuses of interest.


Exercise and health requires great determination. There are so many things out there to distract you or dissuade you from doing the right thing by your body. Its extremely easy to not exercise. We are no longer cavemen and women, needing to move for our immediate survival and although our long term survival relies on it, we have lots of excuses we can use to distract us from that. On top of that, there are going to be moments in your health journey that you find something challenging. Your body may plateau for a few weeks, or maybe you can’t run that extra 100 metres, or lift that extra Kilogram. Those moments will test your mental determination. They will ask you just how badly you want to be healthy and fit — and when you answer that question through gritted teeth and sweat on your brow, by remaining in that uncomfortable moment you are creating a level of inner strength that will hold you in good stead at work, in relationships and through numerous other life challenges.

Body Appreciation

Being healthy and actively working on that, is a form of self-love and body appreciation. In a society that is busy telling you what you need to change to be “perfect” or “beautiful”, spending time with your own body and understanding its capabilities, strengths and weaknesses is almost like rebellion. It will make you appreciate the importance and power of your every limb and muscle. You will have moments of great self-pride for being able to transform your body to be as strong, as flexible or as limber as you ask it to be. On those days when you are inevitably too sick to train as you have the flu or one of those other viruses that pass by us every now and then, you will miss feeling physical and the sensation of using your body. It will help you appreciate the gift of being human, of being alive. You can carry that gift anywhere you like in your life. How blessed is that?!


Now I wouldn’t describe myself as a patient person in general. Many things bother me, but when I’m working with the human body I are forced to become patient with it and with my mind and so I have become a more tolerant, more patient human being. Patience is a skill you can continue to hone and improve and then transfer into work, study or business, love, finance and creativity. In exercise you will have to be patient while your stamina improves, while your limbs becomes more limber, and while your muscles slowly grow and tone. There will be days when it’s hard and you will have to choose to pat yourself on the back for giving it a go instead of getting frustrated by it. Can you imagine how powerful you can become in your life and the lives of others when you’ve become a more patient soul?!

I could go on, but I am sure you get the point. Allow exercise to be more than just looks and selfies and it will help you to become a more balanced soul and a happier human being.