Wellness Coaching, Mental Health & Corethentic!

The research that exists between mental health and exercise has been around for a long time. But few coaches and organisations put the study into practice. Here at Corethentic we want to be as helpful to as many people as we can and believe adamantly that exercise is for every person and that every person needs exercise.

For those with a mental illness or an unbalanced lifestyle it can be difficult to find an exercise routine or trainer that understands and works toward helping them on both good and bad days.

This is why I am currently undergoing training and certification in Wellness Coaching. I believe and know, that there is a lot more attached to exercise than just weight management and general health. I know that everything from mental health, to your job, your communication skills, and your relationships impacts on your health. So when I create exercise programming I do this with a background in not only the physical but the emotional and psychological as well.

I am proud that I also passed my exam in “Insights into Mental Health and Exercise”. The course is administered by the Australian Fitness Network, and is registered with Fitness Australia, and gives a greater depth to my belief that exercise can be greatly beneficial for all people.

So when you are looking for exercise and health that really takes in to consideration your entire life and your picture of wellness — think of Corethentic. At Corethentic we are here to walk, jump, run, hold, dance and sweat that journey with you.