Why you should try a dance fitness class before you knock it

When you read the word dance, people conjure up images of leg warmers, tutus and hair raised in a bun on top of one’s head. And while I fully endorse and embrace this part of dance culture, there are numerous reasons why you should try a dance fitness class- especially if you have never done one before, or you think dance fitness is not for you.

Fully body workout

There is not an area of your body that remains unworked by the end of a dance fitness class. In fact, you will work out muscles (particularly the less talked about supporting muscles) that have a huge impact on the rest of your body. It’s considered aerobic exercise, which means it is good for your heart, lungs and weight management. It tones muscle groups from head to toe, and acts as “brain training” for the body (increasing your core strength, balance and strength in each muscle). It also helps promote bone density and strength which is fantastic at any age. A heap of fun with loads of gains — hard to beat that combo!


In layman’s terms, dance challenges the bodies understanding of where its limbs are in relation to its centre. It creates a reflex for spacial awareness that can be carried with you in life. This is very useful as we age, when falls tend to happen much more easily, causing huge life changing injuries to occur, like broken hips and ankles. Dance fitness teaches you how to shift your body weight between sides of the body. Do it for long enough and you can shift weight between the ball and heel of the foot, or into the bicep instead of the tricep. Think of how that powerful skill can apply to weight lifting, running, and most other workouts.

Exercise psychology

Not only does your brain produce dopamine during dance fitness classes (your brain’s happy drug), but the process of testing one’s own body in a fun and upbeat manner actually improves self esteem, body confidence and social awareness. Music is usually pumping, and this stimulates the brain to process emotional responses — had a bad day? Moving to music is like your bodies way of digesting and expelling emotion. You will also achieve more in a happier environment, so attending these kinds of classes will lead to the body responding faster to your commands, and that can only make you feel better in everyday life. If you struggle with anxiety, small talk or are feeling a bit flat; a dance based class is probably just what you need!

So don’t wait to see if your friends are doing it, book into a class like Corethentic now and experience the benefits in the gym, at home and at work!