Be a Son

Someone recently told me a parable of a father and son who had a business together. The father had started it from nothing, grew it tremendously, and had recently handed it over to his beloved son, groomed all his life for the position, to manage it. The son did an outstanding job. Time after time he made the right choices, leading the business to be even more successful. However, in the process, his relationship with his father had dwindled. Lost and forgotten in the hustle, the son had abandoned his relationship with his father. He was a great manager, but a poor son.

I’ve been a poor son to the Father. I strive to be a morning person, but it seems like every morning its a different story. A different excuse. I get all my manager duties done with excellence. My son-duties are definitely neglected.

I think it’s a matter of accepting both. To see someone as either one or the other depending on the time of day or situation would be ignorant. Accepting someone as both and allowing them to relate to you as both allows the relationship to flow.

Be a son.

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