Insider Secrets to Lasting Longer in Bed

There are times during sexual intercourse that there is deprivation of interest in sexual activities. It is often embarrassing at that time. So, in order to curb these reluctance’s there are ways and measures that can be adopted to deal with it effectively.

Kegel exercises are an effective medium for longer duration of sexual activities. Kegel is a muscle in the pelvic region that contracts and expands? This exercise also helps in dealing with premature ejaculation. However, the exercises are gender specific i.e. different exercises are there for both men and women. It can be conveniently carried out at home and other work areas.

Below are a few types of simple Kegel exercises and their effectiveness depending on practice.

The first exercise is the clamp exercise in which no such hard work is required. To use this exercise, one should first identify the pelvic muscle. A small exercise of urine passing should be done and during the pass hold the urine once and then release it again. So, the muscle that pushes urine out is the pelvic muscle. Further, hold the muscle and grip it and press and release it for 2–3- seconds. This should be carried out at least for 25 times a day.

The second exercise is the squeezing exercise involving a duration of 10 seconds and is the same as clamp exercise. It will take time to adjust to this duration but steadily it would be achieved successfully.

The third exercise is the stair exercise. As the name suggests there is an increase in the duration of the exercise after every stage. It requires holding the pelvis muscle at an interval for some time like for 2 seconds, then 3, 5 extending till 30 seconds.

The fourth exercise is the fluttering exercise which produces a gratifying sensation in the body. The muscle should be held with a loose grip and pressure should be enforced followed by steady relaxing. Lastly, push out requires putting strain on the pelvic muscle by exerting intermediate pressure.

If these exercises are followed in the exact manner then the problem of premature ejaculation and lasting longer in bed time can be tackled.


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