The Next Great Native Black American Migration (Why we should migrate one last time)


I’m going to start this article off by saying. I firmly believe Dr. Kings push for integration further destroyed the independent & self sustaining black community.


When was the last time the American Descendants of Slavery community economically successful as a whole ? When you exclude black celebrities (which represent an extremely small number of people within the larger group). You’ll scratch your head and wonder gee that’s a good question.

My next question is what is standing in the way of The American Descendants Of Slavery to regaining independence ?

Separation: We need to reunite

Possible Solution: Migrate in Mass to a new state

The solution I propose is us American Descendants Of Slavery need to move in mass to one of the 50 states we have here in America.

The Pro’s & Cons

The Cons: What about current African American Cities & Counties?
Many people will argue look at Detroit, Chicago, and all the other predominantly black communities around America and say. If what im suggestion was going to work, surely all the black communities around around would be economically successful. And in a way they have a point.

  • ownership of property
  • education of inhabitants
  • implementation of welfare and other benefits programs and distribution of aid
  • protecting people from local threats
  • maintaining a justice system
  • setting up local governments such as counties and municipalities
  • maintaining state highways and setting up the means of administrating local roads
  • regulation of industry
  • raising funds to support their activities


I just wish my people would see how much value our people would have in pursuing a migration plan like the one I detailed above, to one of our 50 states. The amount of control we’d be able to have over our day to day lives going into the future would be unparalleled.



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Corey Alexander Diamond

Corey Alexander Diamond

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