The best way to learn is to teach

Learning to code

I have been “trying to learn how to code” for a long time and I’ve never been quite able to get it done. As it is with learning how to do anything, we all know what we need to do but actually doing it is another story. I know I just need to practice consistently and keep it up.

Practice, practice, practice.

Personally, I have read and watched countless material on programming and even managed to pick up a B.S. in Computer Science along the way. But, I still don’t know how to code (at least I don’t feel like I do).

Here are a handful of things I’ve learned for sure along the way (speaking for myself):

  1. It is possible to “finish” learning something by going through the motions but never truly learn.
  2. Simply following along in a tutorial is not enough to truly learn.
  3. You have to practice or you will never truly learn.
  4. If you stop practicing you will probably forget a lot of what you’ve learned.
  5. There will probably never be an all encompassing resource to teach you only what you “need” to learn.
  6. It seems like you can really start anywhere as long as you don’t stop.

…and here are two observations I’ve made from watching others who started at a point knowing less than I know now about programming and seemed to truly learn:

  1. If you practice enough you will start to learn.
  2. If you teach others what you’ve learned you will learn better.

I’ve never been able to feel like I can program because I have a habit of starting, learning, stopping, forgetting, starting again, again and again. Always starting with the best intentions but never truly learning.

It’s time to get “over the hump” and here is how I intend to do it. Every week (hopefully more than once a week) I will share what I am learning with the hope that I will actually learn.

Stay tuned for my first post…

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