Book Review: Life Scale By Brian Solis

Corey Biggs
Mar 8 · 3 min read

Brian Solis returns to the book world in his new masterpiece, ‘Life Scale.’ This is the fifth book “I” have been cherished to read and review, by this wonderful iconic author. The first books “I” encountered was in 2010, ‘Engage’ and last prior to this, ‘X: The Experience When Business Meets Design’ was released in 2016.

Life Scale is a book which can and will be providing the hindsight to raise your awareness and share your uniqueness to the world. This book breaks down the ideals and beliefs which disruptive technology is always creating through building and distracting your mind from reaching your higher-self within creativity.

Brian touches on the unseen of the influence behaviors in our present day cybernetic world, we live in. By bringing his ideals of the more you know, the more you grow. This book is quite different from the usual books of disruptive technology initiatives and ultimate moment of truth algorithm, in a marketing creation alchemy ideology.

His personal experience and stories add a very intrinsic value & inner touch of connectivity. The past journeys he has from past to present connect with our personal intrinsic values that many of us working to find happiness, actually instead distract ourselves and our mind by focusing on the notion of always multitasking. This is one of my favorite quotes excerpt from the book, “You don’t get results. By focusing on results. You get results by focusing on actions that produce results.”

As always Brian in his books provides such tacit information to lead you down the rabbit hole of learning to re-learn with lessons from his past books researched, such as names and author’s hindsight as well as media outlets such as; Ted Talks, and Harvard Business Reviews; for you to question his research into finding out for oneself.

What caught my eye and was one of the best chapters is his sharing of the experience includes his hiring former Pixar artist, Nick Sung to help learn Disney/Pixar Storyboarding process betterin learning to help customers understand their customer needs. Just this chapter adds hindsight and lessons to be taught in creating the archetype of your own storyboard and is well worth reading for those artists’ trying to reach the highest creative function, whether a beginner or at the highest of professional heights.

This book is a very short read 292 pages, and “I” can see this book used in a high schools, to college level entry for creating ethical and moral learning initiatives and also in staying focused in pursuing your passions; by focusing on the action that provide results one at a time.

Each Chapter at the end has a breakdown and also gives the reader the ability of constructive wisdom and question to enhance the cultural wisdom of each chapter past read.

“I” leave off with one more excerpt from the book which was a great manifesto and that is with regards to the readily two ways to influence behavior.

“There are two ways to readily influence behavior. (1) manipulate it or (2) inspire it. The technology companies have chosen for the most part, to manipulate it. “

What will you decide?

Lifescale is shipping now from Amazon. Click Here to purchase

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