Apology Not Accepted Megyn Kelly

If ever there was a poster child for peak white feminism, mediocrity, and the 53% (the percentage of white women who voted for Trump), then Megyn Kelly is the ring leader.

While employed at Fox News, she stated unapologetically and unequivocally that Santa Claus couldn’t be anything other than a white man. Of course, that is the kind of racist rhetoric one expects from the cesspool of racism that is Fox News.

When Megyn moved to NBC News, a more liberal, or at least mainstream, and presumably unbiased station, one would assume that she would get her act together. With a different demographic, headlining her own show, and more money on the table, the ever racial optimists believed Kelly wouldn’t be the Racist Barbie that she was on Fox News.

But one of the things that my 42 years on earth have taught me. Once a racist, always a racist, and only Black Jesus changes people, not money, not jobs, and not political correctness. One day, the real you seeps out.

Well, today was that day for Megyn Kelly. In today’s culture, white people usually know just enough to say or not say, to not be considered racist. But every now and then, emboldened by our current orange idiot in chief, they throw caution to the wind, and show their true colors. In an all white panel discussion on the upcoming Halloween season and Blackface(Blackface is a no-no, and as a white person you deserve a Grade A ass whooping if you even do such a thing), Kelly said she didn’t see anything wrong with the practice, individuals did this when she was growing up, and it was certainly not racist. First of all, Kelly is 47, five years older than me, meaning we are from the same generation, and Blackface has never been cool or okay in my lifetime, nor before my time, so she is a damn liar, in addition to being Racist Barbie. Secondly, as a white person, you don’t get to decide what is racially offensive to other people. Finally, NBC’s most egregious error was having this panel without a person of color, or several people of color to weigh in. Where were Keith Boykin, Angela Rye, Charles Blow, Joy Reid, April Ryan, or any of the other great African American journalistic minds to weigh in? Some, if not all of them had to be available.

But the most offensive thing of all were not just her on air comments, but her fake ass apology. Instead of apologizing live on-air where she made the stupid, racist comments, she decides to send a private email to her colleagues. The truth is a good 90% of them probably share the same skin hue as her, and were not truly offended. Since she made the stupid comments on-air, this is where the apology needs to be rendered.

But anyone with any good common sense, and racial pulse, knows that she wasn’t truly sorry. In fact, in a media driven by ratings and controversy, it is my hypothesis that she made the comments to boost her sagging ratings. Nobody except for her Fox News darlings, give a rat’s ass about Racist Barbie. Her racist demo is never going to turn to NBC News, so she virtually has no audience. So this “controversy” was orchestrated to keep Racist Barbie relevant.

The only way to solve this is to cancel her show. Her apology doesn’t mean shit to me as a person of color because she has a pattern of behavior. She needs to be hit in a language that only true racists understand: lighten her pockets! Any viewer needs to be boycott that network and her sponsors until this matter is properly resolved.

Because unless there are specific and long reaching consequences, meaning personal financial loss to the network and/or to Kelly herself, this will happen again. Racists may not like any other colors but white, but they do understand the loss of green, meaning their money. Let’s send NBC and Racist Barbie aka Megyn Kelly a collective message!