Blue Lives Matter Only When They Are Murdering Black Folks

By Corey Bu-Shea

His name is Garrett Swasey. He is the cop who was viciously murdered during the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado Springs on yesterday. He was a decorated officer. He was a co-pastor at his church. He was pro-life. Yet despite his religious beliefs, he placed himself on the front line to protect the patrons inside Planned Parenthood from the white domestic terrorist, who murdered two other civilians and shot four other cops.

Not one GOP candidate has given a statement denouncing the shooter’s actions. Not one fellow cop has spoken out in defense of Officer Garrett Swasey’s heroic efforts. The All Lives Matter members are visibly silent. Journalists are simply trolling for ratings as usual. Christians can’t stop Bible thumping and Heaven planning long enough to care.

If All Lives Matter, and we can turn our profile pics to another country’s flag, when terrorism carried out by ISIS occurs, why can’t we care as much, or aren’t equally as outraged when it occurs in our own country?

If we love cops so much, and Blue Lives Matter, where is our outrage over Officer Swasey’s death? Where is the GoFundMe page to help his wife and two young children through one of the most horrific times of their lives?

Amerikkka, your hypocrisy is showing. This is the very reason why people are angry: your selective outrage. Only caring when you can further your racial agendas and hatred, or when you can beat someone over the head with your outdated and inhumane religious beliefs.

But instead of facing the real issue, privileged white males with anger issues, you would rather talk about black on black crime, ISIS, and keep sending our soldiers overseas to fight other people’s problems, yet neglect them when they return home by cutting their benefits. You would rather see black men gunned down in the streets because you feel that they deserve it, You would rather discriminate against all Islamic people and refuse Syrian refugees because of unfounded fear perpetuated by your racist views and only by what you choose to allow the media to feed you.

This will keep happening. Why? Because Amerikkka will do anything to uphold white supremacy, even if it means sacrificing its citizens to do so.

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