It Took A White Woman

By Corey Bu-Shea

The murder of Trayvon Martin rocked me to my core. Prior to his murder, I had been in a fog about race relations, and my safety as a black male living in Amerikkka. I had watched the savage, videotaped beating of Rodney King when I was 15, but that was 20 years ago. I had even witnessed the outlandish insults hurled at our POTUS, but nobody had tried to harm him, so I had this false sense of security. Then February 26, 2012 happened. A young black boy, a normal teenager, simply walking home from a local store after purchasing snacks, walking back to a neighborhood that was over 50% African American, and where he rightfully was supposed to be, is stalked, harassed, and later murdered in cold blood. The saddest part of this sordid tale is that Trayvon died never knowing why he was stalked and harassed in the first place.

Fast forward 17 months later, after a sham of a trial and six racist white female jurors, his murderer was set free, and the African American community was once again reminded that justice is for everyone but us.

But the pain doesn’t end there. His murderer took to social media where he bragged about the murder and taunted Trayvon’s parents and supporters. The lowest point was when he tweeted the pictures of Trayvon’s dead body, which was by his own hands.

Even with the taunts of Trayvon’s parents and tweeting pics of his dead body, Twitter allowed him to keep his account, until today. Trayvon’s killer is an attention whore who will do anything to keep his name out there, so he gets the bright idea of tweeting half naked pictures of his ex-girlfriend, along with some Islamphobia to boot. Finally, the unimaginable occurs, Twitter suspends his account.

Where were the All Lives Matter crew when he was taunting Trayvon’s grieving parents, and tweeting pics of Trayvon’s dead body? Where were Twitter’s terms of use enforcers when this despicable behavior occurred on their site?

What did we learn here? It is okay to kill a black kid, and gloat about it, but don’t you dare embarrass a white woman, who willingly sent you the pictures in the first place.

But All Lives Matter right?