Suicide: The Aftermath

This mindset is gross and truly upsetting, and almost seems to attempt to diminish the act of suicide to some form of childish temper-tantrum that inconveniences others. To suggest a person should, or could, hold-on just a little more… for what? For who?

Why is your guilt and sadness, and everyone elses, more important than the suffering of an individual? This person was at a point where they could, and did, kill themselves, and all anyone else can come up with is he owes them his living nightmare and pain just so they don’t have to feel bad?

Utterly disgusting and bewildering. And to throw around hypotheticals that life gets better, etc, is hollow — False promises of a future unwanted.

Nobody should be expected to hold their existence against an agonizing pain to spare the comparatively weak sadness of those around them. One persons guilt and sadness doesn’t take priority over another persons agony.

It’s not so bad for those “left behind”. I know this because they haven’t killed themselves. The math is simple.

Instead of appreciating the depths of a persons suffering people turn it around and make it about themselves and how they are affected now that the person is free. Perhaps it’s a defense mechanism, but it is selfish.

People who prefer a person continue to suffer so they themselves don’t have to feel sadness are owed nothing.

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