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tl;dr “Maybe there are alternate universes, and maybe in some of those God exists, therefore maybe God exists”… ?

Just another shift of the goal post. You can’t reconcile the complete lack of reason to believe in God in this universe, so you desperately reach to alternate universes for your answer. Either you’ve reduced the idea of God to something that can be “created” under the correct conditions in which case God isn’t as all-powerful and the creator of everything, or God simply doesn’t exist in any universe because the concept is daft — a poor placeholder for the unknown that many try to anthropomorphize, as though they have the tools to do so.

The complete set of “you” is like a massive root system that’s growing exponentially, with each root representing a new timeline.

I.e. If God wasn’t here at the start, he was never there after any branch, either. There is, however, a version of you that is an Atheist and would understand why this topic is mush.

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