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What an unsurprising response. You are built for outrage.

Firstly, I don’t believe you even considered for a moment that I, too, have my own mental illness issues and you aren’t the only person with a valid perspective. This isn’t a pissing match, and you do yourself a favor when you don’t come at a person thinking you are the only one with something valid to say.

Consider, in your own time, fiction films that are accurate? Not just about mental illness, but about any topic? I’m sure they exist, but they aren’t the norm because movies are FANTASY and STORIES with topics used as vehicles for the plot.

There are always “experts” just gritting their teeth when their chosen expertise is wrongly portrayed. Always. Movies are not accurate. Never have been, and probably never will be. They aren’t MEANT to be accurate. They are stories that lose accuracy in favor of entertainment.

Every single gunfight in movies is misrepresented. Neil DeGrasse Tyson tells James Cameron the stars in the sky of Titanic are wrong. Armchair physicists around the globe complain about the badly portrayed gravity effects in Gravity, people like yourself whine about the LACK of portrayal of BPD in Girl,Interrupted , every single martial arts film is a joke, the Fast and The Furious takes driving/racing to absurd levels, Top Gun shows 2 planes flying inches apart with one inverted above the other, hacking in ANY movie or tv show is a complete joke, sex scenes are completely unrealistic, spies surely don’t all act like James Bond…

The list goes on forever. There are films that really get the viewer into the situation and properly set the tone and make an effort to get the details correct, but they aren’t the norm.

It’s a movie, not a documentary. Get some perspective other than your own narrow and angry viewpoint. If you were honest with anyone, including yourself, you would admit you just want to be angry.

Now swear some more and stamp your feet as it’s terribly impressive and really makes your point.

In the future consider putting your sword away and instead discuss the merits of accuracy in film, or remark on the wide-open market for movies that more-accurately portrays mental illness, or any other number of approaches that don’t involve pointing an angry little finger at the world silently screaming “You are wrong, world; You must bend to my wants and needs”.

To do otherwise is nothing more than self-indulgent and immature, and I have no doubt you can do better. Do better.