Go see ODC/Dance Downtown this weekend.

Contemporary dance can be tricky the way poetry is tricky.

Without constrained structure or the need to make strict narrative sense, either can go far astray — or hit you in the solar plexus. When it’s bad, it’s embarrassing. When it’s good, you’re buffetted by beauty and left speechless without understanding why.

Last weekend (March 14) I saw the first half of the ODC/Dance Downtown season: an evening-length piece called boulders and bones. It was so good — the movement so gorgeous, the design and choreography so compelling — that I felt none of my normal apprehension going to last night’s show (March 19) for the second half of the season.

Both of last night’s pieces were world premieres, and I was completely stunned by their gorgeousness. This is dance that luxuriates in movement and feels new. This is dance that uses everything it can get without going for cheap tricks.

Halfway through the first piece, Dead Reckoning, I thought “I hope this never ends” — and when it ended, I found myself weeping from the beauty of it, not even a little bit ready to talk about it. The second (The Invention of Wings) was wonderful, but honestly I was still so bowled over that I felt only half-present.

Either this dance is very good, or it aimed precisely for my solar plexus (or both). I’m going back this weekend to see it again (something I’ve never done before). There are only three more shows, and I recommend you get tickets: this is dance absolutely worth seeing. If you’ve never seen contemporary dance before, this is a stunner of a place to start.

Seriously, go see this show. It deserves to be sold out.

And if you go Saturday night — see you there!

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