Unified Under Ubik Capital: An ICON Story

Why Did I Leave ICONVIET?

Hello ICONists, I wanted to shed some light on the matter of me leaving ICONVIET and joining Ubik Capital. For those of you who are unaware, I created a podcast surrounding this transition of events, however, I understand that some people may not have the time to watch a 15 minute podcast, so I decided to create a short article. My reason for leaving ICONVIET was not one of internal differences, of personal or collective strife or any sense of animosity; it was simply a notion of different skill-sets. Tom and DP are extremely developmentally focused with incredible IT skills with a wonderful Vietnamese community, whereas my skills better represented education, marketing and outreach, and all three of us understood this notion.

With that being said, Ubik Capital was benevolent enough to on-board me because of similar skill-sets which encompasses marketing, outreach and community relations. I truly want to thank ICONVIET for all they have done for me, specifically gifting me that beautiful microphone and camera, if it weren’t for ICONVIET, my podcasts would have the quality of a burnt spoon. For that, I am eternally grateful.

Ubik Capital: Embodying Community Relations

The Ubik Capital community is incredibly vibrant and I am and have always been here to serve the ICON community and I truly look forward to working with every single member of Ubik Capital to expand the ecosystem of ICON through the utilization of podcasts, articles and community outreach specifically. As our journey begins together, I truly look forward for the wonderful initiatives in store for our community, and our ecosystem. It is truly an honor to be part of Ubik Capital and I wont let you down!

Provided is a link to my podcast that discusses my transition in detail!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JR4eyHRs_c&t=6s

Russell of Ubik Capital’s Welcome Article: https://medium.com/@thelionshire/welcome-corey-to-ubik-capital-39afdef0439a

Corey Costa-Ubik Capital PRepICONSENSUS Ambassador

Written by

Hello, my name is Corey Costa! Blockchain Enthusiast, Long Live Cryptocurrency, Decentralize The World! I also have a passion for Poetry! Opinions are my own.

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