Are You Fucking Kidding Me
Are You Fucking Kidding Me
Hillary Clinton [parody]

Yours Truly: Absolutely Disgusted

I’m so torn…How do I say what I mean without tainting my image with this awful negatively toxic and racially divisional existence? Oh well; here it goes!

I would have voted for Hillary C. in a heartbeat…but I’m Catholic!

I would have voted for Donald T…but I’m a felon!

Ironically passing (4) poly graphs means absolutely nothing; and Indigenous influence throughout has absolutely no “influence” on the choices made in this country and abroad….globally!

At least you, a woman deemed inferior to man, by dictation of the spiritual head of Christianity and Christianity in general. Ran for the most powerful seat available to mankind this day and age. While an Indigenous man “myself” wears a false badge (FELON)! Or let’s just keep it real, a lawless savage that is not meant to be trusted, let alone listened to. I mean that is the worldwide excepted norm; is it not? Keep the Caucasian Christian on a pedestal above the law; regardless of documentation proving illegal activities…(Hillary!) …or encouraging and verbally slipping/admitting illegal actions…(Trump!) And please, don’t you dare ask for verification of these statements. This was nationally televised. On top of which you both somehow manage to escape correction before the fact. If you will recall, I have mentioned passing (4) poly graphs; after the fact, and still tagged a felon! And this so, from a spiritual stance, the Caucasian Race can continue to lord it over non-Caucasian Races. Dictation without restraint! Backed by the spiritual head and overall Christianity in-itself. Do keep in mind now, this is coming from a Catholic man via baptism as a cradle Catholic per my Indigenous U.S. Citizen parents! Oops; am I now in danger of excommunication for being an “Honest Injun?” Hmm! F.Y.I. I am not an (Indian) nor is this land the land of India! 500+ years now you Caucasians pour toxins tangibly and intangibly throughout my Indigenous identity on a scale equal to genocide! To this day you Caucasians have not relented this careless inhuman behavior upon and toward my Indigenous identity! Regardless of every effort and attempt by the Indigenous at integration to become One with you aliens/immigrants from another land per the year 1492 to date!

At what point in our ever-evolving humanity will my(the) Indigenous voice become acceptable or at least appreciated in this world? I mean, right now I am literally pacing the floor as so many unresolved interracial issues run through my mind! I’m so disgusted…(?)

Let me say this, as I end, my response to your blasphemous rant of spiritually subduing vulgarity. So unladylike of you Hillary Clinton [Parody]. If I called you a “careless racist bitch,” this would not only be wrong in statement; it would mean my consent to allow the (Beast) continued control over the faithful of Jesus Christ; God of life, love & light. No matter how faithful! This understanding of Christianity can be confirmed via the Bible; book of revolution. It is so terrible of you to maim the outlook of women striving for equality, whom are now bombarded with your folly presented before the masses. Portraying a truth that confirms all male Christian dictatorship. I quote Pope Francis here…

“There is no problem for a woman…to preach in the Liturgy of the Word…but at the Eucharistic Celebration there is a liturgical-dogmatic problem…the one who presides over it is Jesus Christ…It is a theological-liturgical reality. In that situation, there being no women’s ordination, they cannot preside.”
(Https:// “It’s Time to Be Honest about Pope Francis and Women.” National Catholic Reporter. N.p., 19 May 2016. Web. 18 Nov. 2016.) 
Note: Follow the links (Full Story; Find it here) to the actual document. But I also encourage you to read all articles leading to the actual document. 
In this dictation, you will find a transposing and altering of its full meaning and understanding as it trickles down from authority to laity and unto the hard-hearted ignorant masses. Which ultimately comes across as the point I am making regarding inequality among the genders of humanity. As we all struggle to reestablish balanced, harmony and peace throughout the lands.

The Indigenous people of this continent, have always strived for balance through equality of responsibilities shared between the men and women of our race. We have always sought to encourage this right perspective amongst other races, while in attempts to find an avenue of racial integration to achieve Oneness in diversity. I know I have! Yet here we are, Caucasian women with all the say in the world, yet ironically subdued in their efforts to take lead. All while my Indigenous voice(s) awaits acknowledgement in our efforts to affectively cause change beneficial to the next (7) generations of our Indigenous children…how is that possible? Let me assume here, or better yet, make a well-educated guess via painful experience inherited from Indigenous ancestry that never got the chance to love life! (Could it be true: that Caucasian men and women discretely “do not” exist in an unequal stance amongst their own Race; yet portray to the masses of non-Caucasian Races this vary imagery?) Am I close to the truth in this realization of why gender inequality exists, and quite possibly while we are at it, how civilized humanity on a global scale knows an unequal census count revealing the majority being Caucasian?

I have so many more pleasant things to say, or topics to discuss. Aside from this topic to which ties my bleeding heart to racial/gender inequality! Along with having so much more room to grow and learn; if only racial humanity were brave enough to embrace in the manner which we cry out for each other to embrace! Oh, the sad wonder of life in its fullest potential, bonded by loves embrace! Where…When will you emerge?

P.S. I would have voted for you Hillary Clinton; yet rules, laws & faithful adherence dictates otherwise. The irony of it all!

Yours truly: Absolutely Disgusted

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