“Adam, look,” she said, pointing up at the night sky. Boys, she knew, had a tendency of being oblivious. Certainly when there were pretty girls involved.

Drugged as he was, Adam followed her finger. Evidently this was important. Focus, he told himself. Get this over with and maybe she’ll let you cop a feel. He was high as a kite. Interestingly enough, he thought, she has no idea.

“Jess,” he said, “what should I be seeing?” Kelling wouldn’t have made him do this.

Looking sidelong at the boy next to her, Jess sighed. Maybe she had made a mistake. Never before had she taken a boy out like this. Out in the grass in the park. Perhaps she should have suggested a movie instead. Quiet and dark in a way that was less brooding than watching the stars.

Right in this moment she was no longer certain thing would work as she had originally envisioned.

Situating herself so that she could take his hand, she did so. “Take a look right there,” Jess said as she positioned her finger to the correct spot. Up in the sky she had directed his attention to a particular cluster.

Voyages could have been taken in the amount of time it took for him to formulate his next thought.

“Whoa,” he remarked, what is that?”

“Xibalba,” she replied, squeezing his hand, pleased with his sudden interest.

“You know,” he said, coming around the haze of his high, “I think that’s actually Orion.”

Zapped then of any further interest in the stars, she released his hand and collapsed into silence.

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