But when a cop is racist, he has the power to choose to end my life. I’m one traffic stop gone wrong from becoming a hashtag. #RIPZachFreshley. That’s terrifying. What if I run a stop sign and the wrong cop pulls me over? What if I’m walking alone at night and an officer accosts me and because I’m so scared, I look “suspicious”? Who knows what could happen? As a young black man in The South, I am eminently killable. I’m forced to live my life constantly looking over my shoulder because someone in a position of power might be biased against me because of the amount of melanin in my skin.
I Don’t Know What To Do
Zach Freshley

The fear we live with. I grew up in the projects in Southwest Philadelphia and certain cops would always target us, questioning, interrogating, and falsely accusing us of being a suspect for a crime. The worse part is that we only in middle school at that time. We would be coming from school and certain cops would try to arrest us because we were young, black, and from the projects. It’s crazy that they can determine our fate and get away with it so simply. Great article.


Corey Fletcher

Twitter: @coreyfletcher__

Instagram: @_coreyfletcher

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