PR is Dead.

R.I.P to it. Why? The traditional approach simply doesn’t work anymore and is absolutely not scalable as a standalone offering. However, companies still need coverage and the media still need stories to cover. So the question should no longer be ‘how’ to pitch the media… it’s really about ‘how to create stories that pitch themselves’.

Traditionally people believed it was all about the pitch. The skills to get people to want a story that you have. But that’s gone. The “pitch” is now an ongoing process of understanding people and their needs, as well as business and what contributes to their goals. Now, the skills required are about deep interpersonal skills and empathy, which must be used not to pitch, but rather to get to really know who you’re working with. Getting to know your media partner’s interests and needs with a depth of curiosity and empathy is the prime skill. Same with clients… Getting truly curious about their business so you can actually come up with unique stories.

When you do that, you now have stories that actually pitch themselves. But it’s because you’ve done more and different relationship management work up front.