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You are running out of food at home..

Especially those addicting snacks that you can’t stop munching on and feeling guilty about…

And so you plan on going shopping today.

Do you make a list of what to buy? Do you not make a list? Are you in and out of the store in as little time as possible?

Well, here’s what I’ve noticed when I don’t make a list (and what you probably do as well):

I walk into the grocery store…usually Costco… and steer those massive carts around the aisles, looking at almost every single item deciding right…

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I quit my job to build a location independent business and to enjoy the freedom that comes with that.

But like many other people who embark on any journey — I didn’t realize all of the challenges I would face down the road.

Of course with all of those challenges, came amazing lessons, that I am grateful for.

Here are those 10 things that I hope all purpose-driven entrepreneurs remember when building their online business and brand.

1. Focus on the people first. I say this because for quite some time I was focused way too much on myself. How…

Corey Kales

I write stuff about business, life, and everything that might help you be a more fulfilled and better person.

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