My Girlfriend and I Ditched iMessage for Slack

By now, most people have heard of Slack. If you haven’t, chances are you will soon. Companies across the world are ditching gchat and emails for the platform. In a nutshell, it’s one giant organized chatroom which has specific topics (#channels) to help you navigate, search, and stay organized.

So it’s popular in the world of business, but it’s yet to catch on, on a peer-to-peer level. I think that’s about to change, and I’ll tell you why.

My girlfriend and I lead very busy lives, especially when it comes to work. I haven’t calculated how many hours we work a week (mainly because I’m scared to know the actual number) but, if I were a betting man, I’d guess anywhere from 140–160 hours a week. This doesn’t leave a lot of time outside of work and overall adulting (buying groceries, cooking, cleaning, etc) to spend time together. There’re many times I’d send her an article to read only for it to get lost in our countless daily text messages or gchats. One of my many (and often stupid) business ideas I had was to create an app which allows users to upload links into a ‘chatroom’ and notify the other user when it was opened — so we could begin commenting and discussing the article. I still think there’s potential there, so if someone wants to run with that idea, I’ll gladly install it on my phone. But then it dawned on me one day, why don’t I start a Slack with her? I already live in Slack at work so why not keep everything in one platform? It would allow us to stay organized, and I could create a specific #channel where I could post the articles I wanted to read. Little did I know it would completely change the way we virtually communicate in a major way.

Here’s a peek inside our Slack.

Our #channels:

#bills — Fairly straight forward. We post utilities, rent, grocery receipts, etc.. We can quickly see what we owe each other at any time. #adulting

#bringtoalaska — Our next adventure is 10 days in Alaska (!!!) next month. Here you’ll only find a list of the items we’re bringing.

#datenights — Lately, we have allowed ourselves to have 2–3 date nights a month. Anytime we think of an idea of something fun to do together we toss it in this #channel. Now, when the time comes to go out, we have a curated list of places to go and things to do.

#food — This is one of my favorites. As someone who loves to cook, I toss new recipes I find in here along with the latest Tasty video that sparks my appetite. We also use this #channel as a grocery list. You’ll now find us walking around the grocery store with this channel open. It’s cut down on the time spent at the grocery store as well as the 10–15 minutes we used to spend prior scanning the fridge and kitchen and asking ourselves, “What do we need?”

#general — All Slack’s come with this preloaded. This is our most used #channel as this has replaced iMessage & gchat. Here we check in periodically throughout the day, talk about our plans post work, etc.

#goals — This is our newest #channel. Since we’re halfway through 2016, we thought it’d be a good idea to create mid-year resolutions. All of our goals and resolutions live here.

#goodread — This channel took the place of my app idea. Anytime we find an article that we want the other to read, we post it here. This way, when we have time whether it’s on the commute home or while eating lunch, we can quickly navigate to the latest article posted and comment on it.

#houseshit — We recently moved to Brooklyn. #houseshit helped us stay organized in what we needed to do, what we needed to buy, etc. This will likely be the first channel we archive or it will pivot to something else. Regardless, it was extremely helpful in staying organized and knowing what needed to be done/bought.

#lightbulbs — We are always thinking (or trying to think) about the next big thing. Whether it be business ideas, random blog ideas, or ways we can earn a little extra cash for our next adventure — it can all be found here.

#music — If you know Kacie and me at all, you know music plays a huge part in our life. Everything music is found in here. Whether it be news, new artists or songs, a playlist we think each other will like or concerts we want to attend — It’s all found here.

#random — Similar to #general, this is the only other channel comes preloaded when you create a Slack. Anything we find completely random whether it be an article about a robot that folds clothes or a Hold the Door (Hodor), doorstop from Kickstarter.

#randomgiphys — Kacie created this for when she has a couple minutes and I don’t happen to be online. /giphy _____ is a fun and entertaining feature of Slack and can provide countless laughs or head scratches. There’s a ton of GIF’s found in here.

#vacations — We’re constantly looking for our next adventure. This is where the birth of those adventures happen. Whether it’s ideas on where to go or researching for places that we plan to go, it all can be found in this channel.

So there it is. My case for why Slack should (and will) be used in the P2P world. I would recommend it for any couple who is looking to stay more organized. I know it’s helped us a ton.

Do you use Slack outside of work in any capacity?

Also, if by chance this inspires you to create a Slack with your significant other, please come back and post what your #channels are. I’d imagine Kacie and I would adopt a few.

As always, thank you for reading my ramblings.

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