Does James Murphy age like wine or milk?

I saw LCD Soundsystem on Friday night at Pitchfork Music Festival, the first full set of theirs that I have seen (in 2007 during my freshman year of college I prioritized getting drunk in my dorm room before an Arcade Fire show instead of seeing LCD Soundsystem open). Going into the show I was excited but couldn’t shake the feeling that I was seeing a cover band of what LCD Soundsystem was.

Did they win me over? Yes.

Am I excited for where they are going with their new music? Not really.

They sounded great, and were a marvel to watch. The biggest gripe I had was that they seem to have plateaued with their sound. Hearing “Call the Police” from their latest EP, with its relentless build up to an epic crescendo lessened the impact of their closer “All My Friends”. And hearing “American Dream” satisfied the desire I had to hear James Murphy croon such that when “New York I Love You” came on I was bored. The most excitement came from hearing “Tribulations” and “Movement” from their 2005 self-titled debut. Only then did I feel the freshness of hearing a song from my favorite band.

At this point we’ve all listened to a lot of LCD Soundsystem. If their reunion is going to have any meaning outside of giving more access to live music from the late aughts like all bands they’ll need to write some good music.