Great success begins with strategic planning.

An open letter to my Bernie or Bust colleagues:

Before I begin I would like to say unequivocally, “I stand with you!” The purpose of this letter to ask you a few questions in the hopes of starting a open dialogue between all of us. Below you will find my questions and thoughts pertaining to the tragic occurrence of the ugly betrayal that our own party committed against us. While I have written a proposal of sorts, I would like to hear your thoughts and ideas on the matter. My proposal is simply a product of my personal belief that when bringing a problem to the table one should also offer a solution. I don’t wish to strike fear or sway you in any way. I just have questions.

If you do not support the Bernie or bust movement or the progressive movement please move on. This is not for Hillary supporters or Trump supporters. I respect the opinions of everyone but this is for my heartbroken party members.

I am a long time advocate for the Bernie or bust movement. I have contributed to the cause, I have supported the campaign, I have spread the word, and of course I voted.

The DNC cheated, period! This is a unforgivable act. We will not turn a blind eye to the truth of the matter. I was truly hoping that Bernie would go to the Green party and make a run with the support of Jill Stein. When Bernie endorsed Hillary Clinton, it crushed me. Watching the reactions of so many of you almost drove me to tears. It is a tragedy and we should all take time to heal from this devastating blow. I have been so dead set against voting for Hillary that it’s inconceivable that I could change my course. Getting pushed around by Hillary supports who yell, “Get over it”, “Stop throwing tantrums”, “You’ll be sorry”, or the infamous “You’re being ridiculous”, which I was told way before Silverman said it on stage, is beyond annoying. It shows that either people are blind, complacent, or just insensitive to how millions of Americans feel every day. But lately I’ve been asking myself questions. Mostly questions about what’s next. So that is the question that I have for you. What’s next?

The goal is to show the DNC do we do not support what they’re doing and what they’re about. So it is with good conscience that we can easily walk to a third-party. But let’s ask ourselves a question here.

Why didn’t Bernie go to the Green party?

The answer is that Bernie Sanders doesn’t believe that the Green party is stable enough and has enough support in place in Congress to cultivate real change. When dealing in politics, we must remember that we are still dealing with people. Throughout our political structure the Green party is simply not taken seriously. By having a mass exit to the Green party we will show the Democratic Party that we will no longer stand for this. This will definitely help force Congress to start taking the Green party more seriously. However I don’t believe it will expand the Green party’s support system fast enough for us to make a real change throughout the next presidency.

So why isn’t the Green party stable enough to cultivate real change?

I’d like to answer this question with a question.

Where are all the Green party candidates in our local government?

If we want to have a viable third-party system and cannot start at the top. It has to start with local and state officials who support the Green party platform. Building a third-party which would actually compete in elections and has to start with us on the ground level. We have to pressure our local and state officials to change their views. We have to find and support people who want the things that we want.

We hate the DNC right now.

This is certainly the way I feel. The fact that the election was stolen is unforgivable. These feelings are completely understandable but if the Green Party is not ready to compete we must deal with this reality. We can’t ignore it. We must cultivate a support system for our party that has been ignored for way too long. The Green Party is not new. We need to reach out and become the agents of change that we wish for our elected officials to be.

It is hard to reconcile that Hillary cheated, lied, and stole this election. She has been unapologetic and seems to completely above the law. Handing power to a woman like to this is inconceivable. She flip flops on issues and has proven that she will say and do anything to obtain this power. Some of the crimes that we fear from Trump, Hillary has already committed.

I agree that voting for Hillary is almost as bad as a vote for Trump. I fundamentally disagree with her policies and her professional behavior. I agree that voting for the lesser of two evils is still evil. That being said, within the system that we have in place now if Hillary doesn’t win Trump will.

We should realize this betrayal was just one fight. We get a rematch in four years. I believe that it is very important to keep the fight between us and the Democratic Party. We should take that time to train and prepare undistracted by Trump and the Republican Party. I know I’m beating a dead horse to most of you but the question I asked myself is this:

If Trump actually does get elected how many gains do you think the progressive movement will make under his leadership?

If the rationale is that while we will vote Stein and but still put democratic candidates in congress than I can almost concede my point, but Trump would still have the armed forces and the executive branch. Voting for Hillary in this election is not consenting to defeat. It is not consenting to idly stand by and be lied to. It is not sheepish or cowardly. It is a conscience decision to not hand the White House over to the Republican Party and our armed forces over to Trump. Despite what the media tells us, the Obama administration has made some significant gains in Congress. Placing Hillary in office would ensure most of those gains remain in place while we work on a true progressive movement. The Democratic Party is going to be calling on us in four years for the reelection of their beloved queen and I for one will do everything in my power to make sure the Green Party is ready to rock the nation. This decision is just something to help make our fight easier in the near future.

We must realize how steep the uphill battle that we are undertaking is, and make every effort to ease the climb.

Here is what I propose:

We rally one last time with the Hillary supporters. We unify to make sure that over the next four years we can begin the revolution where it should start. On the ground. Once the Democratic Party has a hold of the White House and the Congress we will have a chance to create some real change. Our party needs a solid support system which WE need to put together. We need to invest the time to truly educate ourselves on the issues. Reach out to our local government and find out what they actually plan to do with office to which they were elected. Begin to propose and pressure our candidates for change. Also reach out to the Green Party itself. Begin to let them know that people in your area are ready for local support. Bring the issues that you have to your councilmen and women. Let’s begin to put the pressure on the politicians where it should be. Let’s create party that Bernie would proudly head.

My worst fear from our movement is this:

We are looking for a savior. We are looking for someone to save the day not realizing how much work would still have to be done even if he/she were nominated or elected. I love the energy behind the movement but I fear that if the worst happens the energy will be snuffed out and hopes shattered. I’m simply proposing that we move forward with a realistic plan.

This isn’t a rally cry for Hillary. I just want to know what the plan will be if Trump wins.

Please understand that I only want to put our movement in the best possible position for success. I am open to any suggestions that involve a solid understanding of the situation. Whether you agree/disagree I encourage you discuss to discuss openly, honestly, and respectfully. We need to formulate a solid plan of action moving forward and I don’t believe that it can start with a Trump presidency.

So there you have it, that’s my spiel. My only question is, what’s next?

Thank you for reading.