FOOD FOR THOUGHT — — > Maybe he didn’t release his taxes, not to hide not paying taxes, but to hide how his tax proposals would benefit him.

🤔… Add that with him constantly saying he pays what he’s legally required to pay… if he changes what he’s legally required to pay, then he is a “genius” as he often proclaims. This would make a lot of rich people a lot more rich while robbing the nation of much needed tax dollars…

🤔… Could this be why he appointed so many billionaires to cabinet positions? Why they are so steadfast in supporting him? Why they would leave very lucrative private sector jobs for low paying government employment? This would explain a lot. They are protecting their investment. Their there to make sure he’s there with the promise that they’ll all be rewarded “bigly”….

🤔…. They are as invested in him as he is. He is the golden goose that will make it legal to cheat the IRS. Those two pages tell us a lot more than I initially thought. Rachel may have landed the first digit in the tumbler to unlock this madness.

🤔 … Now we know what’s in it for them. This explains a lot. 😡