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Music Artist Del Hartley

Launching May 5, 2017, ZongByte is a music sharing app that makes it easy for artists and the music industry’s most influential to connect. For a new generation of artists, up and comers can use the ZongByte platform as a marketing campaign to reach key decision makers or to build their fan base. Taking away the inconvenience of producing antiquated hard copies of music that can easily be lost or trashed by the ears they wish to reach, ZongByte is easy to use for both artist and listeners alike. In 45 seconds or less, artists can release the best part of their song via their social channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) or share in-person via WhatsApp or email. For listeners, ZongByte cuts the trouble of having to anxiously wait for the part of a song that most resonates while artists can use the app to share snippets of music they are most proud of.