Editing and Layering

Key elements to the of the article I would hyperlink include sections of descriptions of the events explained to us through the eyes of a former seal. Making the real world interaction between the text and the situation happening more observable. Pictures of the man saying the recounts or even screenshots of the type of things he encountered to serve as a visual aid would really help in moving this article along.

What I would do then is to try and separate the text as much as possible, to make it more appealing to the viewer, instead of the wall of text we are confronted with. sections regarding the actual incident of the killing would be brought to the attention of readers as main purpose of the article. Instead of going through a wall of text to find the actual happenings, moving it to a central position in the article would help greatly.

Finally, summing up the article in a narrator tone over pictures of the event could create more viewership through engagement. A video platform of text allows readers to be engaged in more than one aspect of the piece, and would rely on the editing of the video to create tone and informative information. Rather than relying on peoples interest in the subject to propel them further in the article. A video just makes it easier to view able instead of being an intimidating long winded article.

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