Corey Scott Dowd Has Skied Every Major Slope in Colorado

Corey Scott Dowd is a cooking expert who likes to make different dishes using varied ingredients and flavors. He has worked for many leading restaurants where he has handled a variety of tasks including deliveries, food preparations, clean up, and filling customer orders. He also learned the knack for quick and courteous customer service.

When Corey Scott Dowd was four years old, his grandparents started taking him to Colorado where he learned to snow ski. Then, gradually, it became an annual trip. They go to Frisco, Colorado because they had a condo there and it is relatively close to his favorite ski slopes. He has been to almost every major slope in Colorado. Copper Mountain is his favorite place. He has skied mostly in Colorado at Breckenridge, Copper, Keystone, and A-Basin, as well as Vail.

At the end of lessons that first year, Corey Scott Dowd got onto a regular ski lift. He got off with some encouragement and sailed down the green slopes like he had been skiing for a while. He has progressed over the years to a blue run then a black run skier, although he has had his share of “yard sales” (crashes in which equipment goes in all directions). His favorite hills and lifts are at Copper Mountain. In his more adventurous times, he has skied moguls, slaloms and done slope-edge tree skiing. While he has snowboarded, the balance requirements are different and he much prefers skiing. He always tried to fill his life with things he enjoys the most and cares deeply about.