What and how your customers buy is not the same as WHY they buy

You know what your customers are buying from you: a pair of wooden sunglasses, specialty tea, lava lamps, yoga pants.

You know how your customers are buying from you: through your website, through a Facebook ad to a product page, through a friend before they click “add to cart”.

But do you truly understand why?

We’re so focused on the what and how but not the why.

We obsess over placement of buttons for conversions, we obsess over the best marketing channels, we obsess over what products to sell.

Instead we should obsess over the motivations of our customers.

Is it purely an impulse purchase? Does it make them feel a certain way about themselves? Does it allow other people to perceive them a certain way? Does it give them access to something exclusive?

Once you truly understand why people are buying what you’re selling, then you’ll better understand how to effectively sell to them.

Forget about picking apart what you’re selling. Stop focusing on how you’re going to sell your product.

Think about why and everything else will fall into place.