Yes, you do have enough time during the week to do X or work on Y. Here’s a breakdown.

Everyone has the same 57 hours every week to get shit done.

Have you ever actually broken down how much time you have every week to work on something that matters to you or that’s really important?

Maybe you want to develop a new skill.

Maybe you want to start a new business.

We’ve all told ourselves at one point or another “I just don’t have enough time.”

But how much time do we have really?

I did this exercise the other day and I was surprised to see how much time we really have to work with, even when factoring in sleeping, working and commuting.

Let’s break it down.

We’re going to look at our time in terms of hours in a week.

There’s 168 hours in a week.

Assuming we want to sleep 8 hours a night, we really only have 112 total hours per week to play with. So let’s use 112 hours.

Let’s also assume we work a standard 40 hour work week, which is 8 hours a day during the week.

That leaves us with 72 hours to play with.

Let’s assume that you spend 2 hours a day during the week commuting. Even if you don’t commute, let’s call that time “life” time, which includes eating, showering and using the washroom.

So, we’ll chop off another 10 hours from our week.

That’s still 62 hours left.

On top of all this, let’s exercise 5 hours a week. We’re at 57 hours now.

What could you accomplish every week if I gave you 57 hours to do whatever you want?

Here’s three ideas:

  • Work on a side business/project
  • Develop a work skill
  • Spend quality time with friends/family

Want to do all 3? Still possible. Let’s divide those 57 hours evenly, giving each activity 19 hours.

If we ran a tight ship, here’s what our week would look like:

  • Working — 40 hours
  • Sleeping — 56 hours
  • “Life” time — 10 hours
  • Exercise — 5 hours
  • Work on side business — 19 hours
  • Develop work skill — 19 hours
  • Quality time with friends/family — 19 hours
  • TOTAL: 168 hours, a full week.

That seems like a pretty damn productive week, right?

We slept a healthy 8 hours a night, we worked hard, we got in a nice amount of exercise, and we didn’t neglect our friends or family.

This is the ideal but we all know life happens.

The key is to break down your life/time, set a schedule but be flexible enough to allow life to happen.

I like using Trello and Google Calendar to plan ahead and organize my week.

Once I do my break down and figure out how many hours I want to put into everything, I start scheduling it.

If I want to exercise 5 hours a week, I’ll schedule in 1 hour workouts every morning during the week.

If I want to devote 19 hours a week to working on my side business, I’ll schedule in 5 hours during the week and 14 hours on the weekend.

Again, we don’t need to follow this to a T. It’s all about creating a little more perspective for yourself and giving yourself the chance to actually get more done every week and not let time escape you.

Everyone has the same 168 hours in a week, it’s all about how we use them.