Concern on the Precipice of Greatness

I am concerned by what might happen in the near future.

For my entire life, the future has meant possibility and opportunity. Even when the country was mourning the 9/11 attacks across our country, or when things got tight during the 2008 recession, America came together and took care of one another. We held our heads higher and made the future brighter.

Today, I cannot honestly say the same.

Today, I’m concerned for the economy. We can pretty well bank on gun sales, oil and gas, and the financial sector going up. I think pharmaceuticals will thrive, and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Trump himself praise Martin Shkreli’s price gouging. The people, of course, suffer.

I’m concerned that we’ll see interest rates for consumers increase and foreclosures and bankruptcies skyrocket in a few years. Meanwhile, interest rates for lenders will probably drop, and profit margins will grow, especially for firms like Goldman-Sachs.

I’m concerned for those who aren’t white, testosterone-addled “alpha” males. Their lives are about to get a lot more volatile. Many will need to decide between their livelihood and expressing their religious beliefs. Many more will battle with their genetic identity and it’s skin-pigment or gender-characteristic expressions.

I’m concerned for the way we address tragedies, by what a President Trump says or does when a school is inevitably the target of a violent attack? How does he comfort the parents of children tragically killed when a bomb goes of in a mall in April? What does he do about the very real heartache and fear caused by a terrorist behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler that plows through a farmers market in June? What about when it’s a mosque hit by a group of so-called “freedom fighters” in August? A gay nightclub in October?

I’m concerned that what it meant to be an American in 1776 is all but lost. That the ideals and values instilled in me growing up — to treat others with respect, to be kind, to act with humility, to be fair and just — are bygone.

Most of all, I’m concerned that on the precipice of greatness, America is plunging into the depths of shame and chaos, and there’s little if anything we can do to save her.