Navigating my first throuple

Gwinnett County, Georgia, has a name that’s fun to say aloud — but it’s not as much of a fun place to live if you’re queer.

Being raised in those Atlanta outskirts, I was told not to have pride for being queer. “Keep that gay stuff to yourself,” was actually…

Black queer children are watching

What are we telling these curious, impressionable minds about themselves? Are we affirming their identities? Or are we alienating them from their identities?

Black queer children are watching us and looking for signs from the world that it’s safe to be who they are. Yet, the anti-gay rhetoric of many…

Pandemic Dating Diaries

The pandemic is having a very real impact on our sex lives

Closeup on a potted cactus on a light green background. The cactus is leaning over the rim of the pot and resembles a flaccid penis.

The Pandemic Dating Diaries is a series from The Bold Italic that features moments in love, dating, and sex during Covid-19 directly from our readers. Have a story you’d like to submit? Email us or DM us on Twitter or Instagram.

Fever, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell…

His race isn’t the issue — it’s the fact that he ignores racism

These days, there are plenty of reasons to yell at the TV screen.

Donald Trump got 10.2 million more votes in 2020 than in 2016, all while incubating a baseless conspiracy theory that led people to storm Capitol Hill in the name of patriotism. …

I said no. My rapist didn’t hear me.

I said no when we met at the wine bar in downtown Palo Alto.

I said no when we talked about his book collection in his two-bedroom apartment.

He even acknowledged that he wouldn’t touch me, and I actually believed him. Yet, he must have misplaced his memory because I…

Moving pain to action

George Floyd’s murder and the ensuing protests have shook me. While I’m grateful to have all of my lovely non-Black friends checking in on me and asking how I’m doing, I’m also tired of pretending that I’m okay. Honestly, I’m not okay. …

Living at the intersection of oppression

Grandma Dorothy discovered I was gay when I was 15 years old.

Standing from the top of the stairs, I looked up at her from the bottom. She wore a pink house gown adorned with a floral print. I couldn’t see the whites of her eyes, but I could hear…

Addressing the dangerous gender inequity that exists in Kenya is not for the weak of heart, and for Brian Magwaro — who grew up in the slums of this impoverished country and has seen his share of gross injustice — that is exactly what he plans on doing. The do-gooder’s…

As activists, we must acknowledge our ancestors, because before us, there was someone else. Our ancestors blazed many trails, and, if we pay attention, continue to offer us wisdom on how to solve the challenges of today.

A recent Pollination Project grantee, TRIBZ.BIO, in the San Ignacio and Santa Elena…

In 2015, global leaders convened at the United Nations General Assembly to address issues such as poverty, hunger, health, education, global warming, gender equality, water, sanitation, energy, urbanization, environment and social justice. Governments agreed to take collective actions, therein supporting a more equitable, sustainable world.

Charles Orgbon III

Charles is an environmental consultant, musician, and young adult author. Follow him at, on Twitter @corgbon, or Instagram @carbonate03.

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