Love Songs That Don’t Suck

If you’re anything like me, love songs, romantic comedies, and peoples general public happiness makes you want to throw up and die. That makes this day in general especially problematic, due to it being shoved down your throat and up your butt at every turn. To help combat all the horrible cornballness were all about to endure, I made a playlist of songs about love that aren’t the worst and are *sometimes* actually great and can maybe make me .01% less cynical. Here they are in no particular order:

Self Control : Frank Ocean -

The real self control here was this entire playlist not being Frank Ocean songs.

I Do (Remix) : Jeezy, Drake, Andre 3000, Jay-z

Andre 300 is the king of the romantic rap verse.

Int’l Players Anthem (I Choose You) : Ugk ft Outkast

I will walk down the aisle AND have my first dance to this song at my imaginary wedding. Also as my friend Irene the artist formerly known as Buttsavage420 would say “Ass Ass Paul McCartney”

XO : Beyonce

Just be glad you’ve never been in my car with me when this song comes on.

Love On The Brain : Rihanna

From an album full of songs giving two giant middle fingers to men in general, came my favorite love song of possibly my entire lifetime. This song made be believe in love again, and if you don’t feel the same way after listening to this song than congratulations you’re more dead inside than I am and there is officially no hope for you.

Sunshine : Lupe Fiasco

Before Lupe defeated himself with his own wokeness, he put out this adorable song.

Me and Your Mama : Childish Gambino

Honestly I think there are 10 words in this entire song but for me love radiates through the whole damn thing.

Digital Girl Remix : Jamie Foxx, The Dream, Kanye West, Drake

This song was sliding into the DMs before DMs existed.

Girls Around The World (Remix) : Lloyd ft Lil Wayne

I’m thinkin’ of a master plan / nah I’m lyin’ / shawty on my mind.

The Girls On Drugs : Wale

An ode to the ladies who be goin’ through it and turn to self-medication, keep ya heads up girls I feel you.

Only One : Kanye West

If you were an asshole and wanted to see me cry just start playing this song, anytime, anyplace, I will ugly cry. I’m crying right now.

Turn On The Lights : Future

RIP Future and Ciara.

Best I Ever Had : Drake

Featuring the classic Shakespearean line “My shirt ain’t got no stripes but I can make that pussy whistle”

Make Me Proud : Drake ft Nikki Minaj

Drakes ode to independent women. “You been to hell and back / That’s why you bad as fuck”

Head Over Heels : Tears For Fears

Everyone else who hears this song : “This reminds me of Donnie Darko”

Me hearing this song : *quietly sobbing* “Yeah I totally understood that movie too, parallel universes and bunnies and stuff”

Countdown : Beyonce

Again be glad you’ve never heard me try to sing this.

Simple Things : Miguel

Sometimes you just want to smoke weed in bed all day and not brush your hair. And by sometimes I mean all the time.

Stay Together : N.E.R.D

If Pharelle wrote me an entire song about why we shouldn’t break up, I don’t care if he killed my mother, I’d stay with him.

Sparks : Coldplay

Remember when Coldplay was good?

This Modern Love : Bloc Party

Wow this playlist is all over the place. I love this song.

No One’s Gonna Love You : Band of Horses

I really don’t think this one needs an explination.

Green Eyes : Coldplay

Girl with green eyes pretending this song is about her bias alert.

Drug Ballad : Eminem

I never said they were all songs about loving people…

That’s My Bitch : Jay-Z and Kanye West

Shout out to dudes who are secure enough to love bitches who are badder than they are and are okay with it.

Something : The Beatles

All love songs should strive to be 1/4th as good as this one

In My Life : The Beatles

Life changes, people change, the person who sticks with you through all those changes, that’s love.

Drug Dealer Girl : Mike Posner

You know the shitty I took a pill in Ibiza guy? This is his ode to being in love with his drug dealer like 7 years before that.

Slow Dance : John Legend

This song takes a MASSIVE DUMP on any John Legend song that has come out in the last 10 years.

Save Room : John Legend

See above

Caroline : Anime

Manages to be wildly horny and children’s book love story adorable at the same time.

You Make My Dreams : Daryl Hall & John Oates

The honeymoon stage perfectly summed up in one song.

Oui : Jeremiah

I think Jeremiah must have the worst management team in music, because he should be way way way more famous than he is. This song is adorable.

Passin’ Me By : The Pharcyde

Unrequited love is still love ya’ll.

L$D- A$AP Rocky

Damn maybe I should have just made a separate playlist of drug related love songs.

This Could Be Us : Rae Sremmurd

When I was 19 and high all the time this would have been the ultimate love song to me.

Fuckin’ Problems- A$AP Rocky

The ultimate ode to problematic ladies.

God Only Knows- The Beach Boys

Love isn’t always sunshine and rainbows and this captures that perfectly.

Don’t Worry Baby- The Beach Boys

This is song how someone who loves you should make you feel.

Thinkin’ Bout You- Frank Ocean

A potato flew around the room before you came in. (Sorry the last song made me emotional and I had to talk myself down)

Love In This Club- Usher ft Jeezy

This song is a certified banger.

All Night- Beyonce

Lemonade made me feel every possible emotion in 1 hour. At the end of it all somehow I hear All Night and I’ve also forgiven Jay-z and I’m ready to love again and give birth to twins.

Ms Fat Booty- Mos Def

Love at first sight of dat ass.

And He Gets The Girl- Lupe Fiasco

Nerd love. NERD LOVE

Pussy, Money, Weed- Lil Wayne

I hope I love anything one day as much as Wayne loves these three things.

Heres a link to the playlist (all the songs that are on Spotify anyway)