Get inspired in Amsterdam

So, finally I have been given a flight to Amsterdam. I remember last time i was here it was summer and warm and nice, I probably had 3 ice-creams in a couple of hours. But not this time. With only 4 degrees outside i had to find ways to stay warm, even though i had my winter jacket and my “forever-and-ever” boots. I guess being from the Netherland doesn’t mean that you can escape the cruelty of the winter…but, you can definitely escape into a magnificent world of Amsterdam.

As much as you will try to convince someone that you are going to Amsterdam for a business. trip, people will still struggle to believe you. To many funky stuff involved in the game for you not to crack a smile when mentioning the name of the city, which makes others think that there is more to the story. I think it’s pretty cool to create such an worldwide image about your country that can attract more than 5 millions international visitors annually (source:

I haven’t met anyone in my entire life that wouldn’t like to visit the famous land of tulips, the home of one of the greatest philosophers Baruch Spinoza and the diarist Anne Frank. If for any reason you don’t have the time to go there, then maybe i can take you to a virtual trip and show you around.

This time i had only 6 hours to explore the city, because you know… duty calls. As soon as i landed i went straight into the city with two of my colleagues, T and K ( and we lost one of them in the name of shopping). We had to hurry up because we’ve decided to go to the famous Van Gogh museum which was like 30 minutes away from the Schipol Airport.

In Amsterdam is very easy to get around and you can choose from a wide variety of public transportation: train, bus, taxi, metro, i’m sure you can order a helicopter if you want to be fancy. We have decided to be modest this time and pay only 5 euros for the bus number 197 that have promised to take us straight to the museum. You can get the museum tickets online, or from the ticketing office next to the museum, but we had the option to purchase them from the hotel for 17 euros. And, so, we went.

I must admit that i have discovered Van Gogh from a totally different point of view. I felt so connected with his work and life. In only a decade he had created something that touched generations and will influence the generations to come. How is it possible that a man who had never been involved in art, with a big lack of knowledge discovers his hidden talent at the age of 27 and starts making magic? Leaving behind more than 500 paintings and 820 letters, Van Gogh made me understand once again that every single one of us has his own mission in life and sooner or later the true you will come up to the surface, and it will be impossible to stop the best in you that you’ve been doubting.

After getting my so necessary dose of inspiration me and T went to another touristic place in Amsterdam, the red-light district. As we were walking towards the area i was thinking to myself: such good girls are looking for such a naughty place”. We thought we got lost at some point and i was so hesitant to ask where is the location of the hottest spot of the city. Fortunately, people were so considerate and didn’t laugh at our kinky question. We girls also admire women’s bodies too, so, please don’t judge us.

image7This is the part where the fun starts. A breeze of weed here and then in combination with some “manele” (romanian gypsy music) coming from the room where a beautiful lady is moving her hips that don’t lie, is the perfect combination for a promising night. Boys and girls passing by with a curiosity that can touch the sky, don’t intimidate the voluptuous dolls behind the glass that proudly show what mama gave them. I didn’t know that, but apparently, when the girls get a client, everything happens right there, behind the doors with the lights turned off, as saying that the shop is closed. After some time, the lights come on and there are no more curtains that block the view of the girl that continues her inviting dance, like nothing happened.

If you look at the map of the city you will notice that almost all the roads in downtown lead to the red- light district, it seems like the city was built slowly around that area, and was expanding with the time. I enjoy the atmosphere other there, maybe because everybody seems so happy and enthusiastic, it’s like they are seeing something they haven’t seen before. Amsterdam is trying its best not to disappointment anyone and spoils as many nationalities as possible. One great way of doing this is by having a street (Zeedijk street, right behind the district) full of restaurants with international cuisines: Malaysian Restaurant , Thai Restaurant , Argentinian Restaurant ( steak house Al Argentino), Brazilian Restaurant ( Nossa Senhora), Japanese Restaurant ( Morita-ya), Lebanese Restaurant, Portuguese Restaurant, Vietnamese Restaurant.

Starting up as a small fishing village in the late 12th century, Amsterdam became one of the most important ports in the world during the Dutch Golden Age (17th century). In 2012, Amsterdam was ranked the second best city in which to live by the Economist Intelligence Unit( EIU). This city of art has a lot to offer, its main attraction being: historic canals, the Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum, Hermitage Amsterdam, Amsterdam Museum and its many cannabis coffee shops. (source:

Let me tell you, this people love their sweets and art. After me and T enjoyed a big fat nutella crêpe with frozen chocolate yogurt on top, we went to a really lovely gallery(carre D’ARTISTES, from where T bought a small painting (15x15cm) made by a local painter for €85. These are the kind of souvenirs you get after a certain age. After being threatened by the aggressive bike riders of the cold night, it was time of us to make our way back to the hotel. But not before stopping for a moment and enjoying the classical street music that only adds up to the beauty of this remarkable city. Wish I could stay there longer if it wasn’t for that pitiless cold.

With its great variety of nationalities, food, arts, music, Amsterdam has a unique power to keep everyone together, unite and happy. In between those red-brick buildings people seem to find a way to enjoy the peaceful day life and the the dynamic vibrations of the night time. I hope you liked the tour and looking forward to hear your real experiences about the city.