Life of a stewardess

Hi there! My name is Corina and I very pleased to share with you my traveling stories and I hope i can help with some traveling tips that you can refer to when planning for your next trip.

So many times, we get that feeling that we want to change something in our lives, to take big steps, to overturn the mountains and to reach the stars. Nobody can teach us how to do it, because how you do it, is not important. What matters the most, is the idea…your idea that you can transform into actions. This is the only way you can understand that you are living and still alive.

Everything started 4 years ago, when I applied for a job that I would never ever think of. After a very tense interview process, i was the lucky one selected out of 93 candidates for a flight attendant position. At the beginning, I was very skeptical about this job, but after a massive search on the internet, I have realized that this is it, I found it, my chance to spread my wings and fly. Do you know that moment in life when it doesn’t matter how, what, where? Well, that was my case. All it mattered it was just to start to fly, higher and as far as possible. These are one of the few times in life, when the destiny takes control over the ship and begins to float into the unknown…effortlessly and fearlessly.

When I went to the doctor to take my medical certificate for my new job, she asked me in a very curious way: „ so…is it grammatically correct to say stewardess? Is it ok to say it like that? (in Romanian language this word used to be considered a slang). According to the Romanian Explanatory Dictionary, yes, it is correct: stewardess woman part of the staff of an airplane with the task to guide and serve travelers”. Some people refer to us as „flight attendants”. In english language it’s very common to use „cabin crew”. This last one became such an international version in aviation industry that we use it as a secret code to detect each other. The funniest part is when you meet someone and they address this million dollars question:” Are you a cabin crew?, „Yes, I am. And you?”, „Yes, i am too”. Ohh, such sad faces, because we both hoped that at least one of us is not a cabin crew.

I was born and raised in Moldova, a country situated between Romania and Ukraine. This place, is and will be the foundation of my personality, because that is the place where I formed myself as an individual and I became who I am today. After I graduated from my bachelor’s degree in Journalism, I started straight away my master degree in Marketing, and had to finish it from the distance because I moved away. After accepting the new job, Dubai became my second home. Here is the start-up point to all 6 continents and more than 140 destinations that we fly to.

The idea of creating this blog came into my mind a very long time back. A lot of my friends kept asking me when will I open the Pandora box. To be honest with you, I was waiting for that moment when I will really have something to say. I waited for the moment when the memories of my travels will rise voluntary in my mind and will activate the magic fingers. I want my subconscious to talk for itself, because, you all know, with time we remember only the good things. Only now I felt that the moment has come and it’s time to share with the world the most exciting feelings I have ever lived.

During these 4 years, i had the greatest luck to complete 275 flights. When the length of the flight exceeds 5 hours, we usually stop in whatever destination we have, for 24 hours. This is how i came up with the name for this website. Every single bit of the world has something unique to offer, that’s exactly why I try to take greatest advantage of this precious time and enjoy every single small thing, every sunshine that seems different everywhere, every delicious cooking of the unknown masters that are substituting the cooking of my mother.

Yes, you are absolutely right, it’s a crazy, tiring and spontaneous life style. But what can be better than this when you are young and in full power? When I have some days off I still try to travel as much as possible. I am a high class expert when it comes to packing the suitcase in minimum amount of time. I always wanted to travel to the farthest place that you can see on the world’s map. And I did it. In one beautiful day, in february 2015, with a lot of sunshine and positive energy, very specific for Dubai, I took-off to Fiji islands. Just for you to have an idea, these islands are 18 hours away to the est. I couldn’t accept the fact that the west side stays undiscovered and I went to see it, landed in Mexico. After that I’ve realized that the south-est side is beautiful too and visited Bali. And so on, the list can continue, but i will tell you more about it in the upcoming articles.

In case you ever decide to apply for this job, please take a minute to reflect upon your decision. It’s not easy at all, you’ll have to give up so many things, just to satisfy the little rebel that is hiding inside of you. There will be times when you’ll have to wake up in the middle of the night, grab your suitcase and take off to God knows where. Or, even worse, sometimes you won’t sleep for 36 hours jus simply because you are in Sydney and don’t want to miss your chance to explore the city. It will be very strange for your body to have breakfast in New Zealand when actually you are supposed to have dinner. It is, indeed a very unique life style and only the strongest once resist the pressure, but trust me, it’s worth every single minute invested in knowing, discovering, finding the joy in thousands of those happy moments…in just 24 hours.