Relax in Bangkok

Bangkok like Las Vegas, can be a place where your brain starts generating bad ideas, and for some reason, most of the time is associated with the forbidden stuff.

When i think of Bangkok, i get this interesting picture of a very busy city. A lot of traffic everywhere, sky trains above your head running up and down, a lot of colours, a lot of noise and fun. People usually like it because they say it’s cheap. But i think that even if it wasn’t that cheap people would still go. It just simply has to much to offer for you not to take it. So far, i’ve been to Bangkok seven times, and each time i say to do something different, i end up doing pretty much the same. Except one time. I’ll tell you about it in a little bit.

A ticket to Bangkok from Dubai can go up to 2100 dirhams( ~ $580) and depending on a lot of factors, the duration of the flight can be around 5–6 hours. And as per usual i had 24 hrs to enjoy the vibe of this extraordinary city and i started up with the traditional cuisine.

There is no Bangkok without pad thai, and this time wasn’t an exception. On Silom Road, i found a great place called “Maria Pizzeria and Restaurant”. Each and every single time i go there, i see only a few customers eating, but the waiter is always counting the money over and over again. Maybe he thinks that by doing this, the restaurant will attract more money. We’ll have to find out next time. After only 10 minutes, my eyes got even bigger (they are already big) from the excitement. All i could focus on was the steam from the very hot dish moving constantly towards me. After not eating pretty much the whole day, that pad thai was just heaven on earth. The combination of the selected ingredients, created the most delightful food. The smoky flavoured rice noodles were perfectly fried with eggs and seafood. The squeezed lime juice on top of it all, plus a small amount of nuts and sprouts was the greatest bite. I was able to enjoy that even more with some fresh coconut water, which i bought on the street from a very lovely gentleman who picked the right place to sell it…right in front of the restaurant. Smart, huh?

Thai people are one of the greatest masters in massages. With its provenance from around 2000 years ago, thai massage is used to heal not only your body, but your soul as well.

I was spoiled for 1,5 hours by a tiny, beautiful, young girl who’s got hands of a magician. I went to a place called Burberri, which is a typical spot where they do all different kinds of treatments for your body, face, nails, hair and so on. When you walk in, you automatically become a part of an unique experience. The traditional thai style of that place wraps you up in a very relaxing atmosphere. This time i chose the “hot herbal compress massage” and I didn’t regret it. After they gently wash your feet, the lady that is going to take care of you, takes you upstairs and a whole new world opens up for you. The wooden brown floor makes a squeaky noise underneath your feet, which makes you step on it very gently, in a way your body takes the shape of a spy on a mission who came in to investigate a case. When you step on the stairs the vibration shakes the little Buddha statue from the corner of each floor. In the massage room, which was big enough to put 6 mattresses on the floor, they give you clothes to change. I looked like a pink kimono fighter, but it was very comfortable. After massaging my body in a way that only a thai girl would do, she applied this massive tea bag on body and compressing it gently I could feel how my whole body just sinks in.

Knowing that I can’t go to sleep at 7 pm, i have decided to join my lovely crew for dinner in a very touristic place called “Ban Chiang”. The ambiance of that restaurant is so spectacular.fe Located in a hidden corner of Silom street, they managed to creat their own garden from beautiful flowers. The big green leaves keeps you protected from the outside noise, giving you a very private and comfortable space for you to enjoy the dinner. I have ordered a green curry with chicken that was a nice addition to the papaya salad. Both freshly served with rice and chilly sauce on a side. Understanding the benefits of the coconut water, I couldn’t resist and ordered another one, even cooler and bigger.

I must confess, not all my trips. to Bangkok are quite like this. One time, me and my friend N, also moldavian, got the flight to Thailand, she arrived earlier the same day. When i went to Fiji islands, i also made a friend, from Germany U, and we agreed to meet up in Bangkok after one month. I was very excited to spend this time with my friends and decided to celebrate it. All three of us got ready for a night out and inspired by the movie “The Hangover”, the Silom Tower became like a “must visit” touristic place in Bangkok, and we decided to check it out.

On the rooftop, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the whole city, sipping on a mojito and enjoying the fresh air above the clouds. It’s absolutely fantastic. Just for the record, a bottle of champagne Moët et Chadon is about $1000.

After that, we did something that even if someone will take out my brain and wash it, i think it will still stay there. We went to the “Ping Pong Show”. Those who’ve see it, know exactly. what i am talking about. It’s one of those things that will always stay in the back of your mind, and will definitely put a smile on your face. My german friend, being so rational, he was trying to prevent the awful moment, but his words were to weak for my strong will.

I will try really hard to find the right words to describe what i have seen. So, basically it’s a show in a very dodgy place, where you can see philipino ladies on the stage doing all kinds of things with one of the most precious part of their body. And i must admit it, they are quite talented. We asked one of the lady how long it took her to learn what she can do, and she said about 6 years. So starting with smoking, and bouncing ping pong balls out of their vagina, they ended up writing with a pen on a pice of paper: “welcome to Thailand”, and the writing was a lot better than most of the hand writings i’ve seen in my life.

I remember there were two guys that set next to my friend N. After staring. for a couple of minutes, they approached us:” Sorry to bother you, but can we ask you something?, “ Yes, we said.”, “Can you please tell us, what are you doing here?”. We had to pretend we don’t speak English in order to avoid an awkward reply. Ohhh Lord, that was funny. We went back to kow Sun road and tried to take our mind off that thought and blended in with the crowd, which was a much better idea.

So, as you can see, there is no time for boredom in Bangkok. If you plan a trip to that side of the world, please try to explore the islands around and share your stories with me. I would love to hear it from you, as i am sure that regardless of whatever you choose to do in Bangkok you will definitely have loads of fun and great adventures. The world is too beautiful not to be discovered.

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