Photo by me

Grunt, growl, snot, fuck

Chop, carry, sow, climb

Look, listen, chew, hum

Hum, sing, whistle, say

Say, sounds, sentence, write

Write, record, wonder…the way?

Forest, tree, chop, create

Wonder, why, share, spread

Walk, climb, fly, descend

Sand, lime, liquor, lace

Theory, question, wonder, write

Law, legal, lunch date, late night

Learn, dine, wine, wonder

Wonder, paint, sing, compose

Tickle, scheme, dissect, cure

Twist, waltz, tap, flamenco

Quantum, global, explore, decide

Decide, explore, global, quantum

Chop, carry, sow, climb

Grunt, growl, snot, fuck





Something quite to contemplate

Crazy eight lemniscate

Sweet `Enouement not Denouement

Familiar sound write sing say song

Awake to fate a puzzle piece

Weave the fabric, on life, a new lease

Jump right back hand raised again

A mission I left right at the end

The star I need the entry gate

A rootful power a willful state

Not that fitful frightful game

Remind me early; mind, I can tame

Though I’ve heard no one likes a poet

From the birds and thru the trees

Don’t think for one moment I don’t know it

All these words are for mainly me😉



(best enjoyed with “Amulet” by Agnus MacRae. 00:30)

I sat under a tree to think
I thought
What has all that thinking brought
I knew
I tried not to think on that thought
Thou I ought
To remember what thoughts I was thinking I ought
To know
If any or all of that thinking I thunk
To be
Any of what I ought to think
I’d have
To think, I thunk, those thoughts
To know
Though all those thoughts, still questions sow
To grow
My thinking, to train my thoughts
Just Tree
It’s all you need to think
To Be




I am infinitely seeking, curious, defending, nurturing, in awe and reverence of all that is. Remembering and taking slow steps at becoming and returning home