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Stelle dir vor, es ist ein sonniges Wochenende und du bist in den Bergen unterwegs. Du hast eine einsame Wanderroute ausgewählt und freust dich schon, wenn du Stunden nach dem anstrengenden Aufstieg auf der Berghütte vespern kannst. Dort angekommen bemerkst du, dass die Hütte geschlossen hat. Verdammt — du hast nichts zum Essen dabei und dein Magen knurrt. Wie viel Geld wärst du bereit, jetzt für eine Portion Essen auszugeben?

Nimm mal an, du hast den ersten Teller bezahlt und auch verzehrt: wie viel würdest du direkt nach…

(Extract from my book “Crazy for Life: In love with life”→ Amazon: amzn.to/3anScRy for German and amzn.to/3d2iw4R for English)

Professional ambition is an ambivalent feeling.

On the one hand, diligence and ambition are usually associated with positive things, as these qualities stand for the pursuit of “more”, create a special tension in life and we often associate them with successful people.

Especially in a professional context, it is rarely a good idea to make it known in a job interview that these attributes are not very pronounced in one’s own personality. After all, only the aspiring are promised a career…

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We continue to live in a wild world. Nothing is as we know it. That is why it is important that we can also see the crisis as an opportunity. An opportunity for a world that has never existed before in this form, because the outbreak of the pandemic has shaken the old system.

None of us can say where exactly we are heading. But it could be good, very good indeed, because every new beginning has a special magic inherent in it.

Maximum social distancing and renouncement of number of civil liberties as never been seen before

At present…

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When the world stands still, it is time to pull together. Currently not physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. So the answer to the Corona virus for me is cooperation. Together, without thinking in categories such as national boundaries, we humans are much stronger still.

Actually, I’d be in Hawaii right now. But I’m not, because a driver who ran a red light swept me off my bike. Ankle surgery three weeks ago. Running doesn’t happen again within the next four weeks. I was very scared before the…

I spend much of my annual leave on the island of Bali, where my voluntary activities have included setting up six school libraries, creating a sexual abuse teaching training and supporting an orphanage for severely handicapped children. My voluntary work on educational projects are conducted by the Munich-based charity ‘Stella Bildung Bewegt e.V.’. For you, I would like to outline in the following what it means, what is required and how it feels to volunteer in a foreign country. Maybe it will inspire you for your next vacation leave as well. Or maybe it is just a good read during…

By Corinna-Rosa Falkenberg (www.corinna-rosa.com)

Beruflicher Ehrgeiz ist ein zwiespältiges Gefühl. Einerseits wird mit Ehrgeiz meist Positives assoziiert, da es für das Streben nach „mehr“ steht, einen besonderen Spannungsbogen kreiert und wir Ehrgeiz oft mit erfolgreichen Menschen assoziieren. So kommt wenig Ehrgeiz zu besitzen gerade im beruflichen Kontext selten gut an. Schließlich wird nur den Aufstrebenden eine Karrierelaufbahn versprochen. Auch wartet die extra Meile für den Bonus, der dann angeblich an der Angelschnur hängt, nur für den Motivierten. Andererseits ist Ehrgeiz zugleich auch einer der wesentlichen Treiber für Stress, Unruhe und die sich daran anknüpfenden psychischen und physischen Erkrankungen. Manchmal führt Ehrgeiz auch dazu, dass…

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We all interpret facts different as it is about our whole outlook on the world. This is a wild mix of our DNA, the way we were raised and the experiences we made in the past. Not only this but also how we view and judge ourselves as well as what our friends believe play a crucial role in our outlook on the world.

Tell me, have you ever had a dynamic as well as heated discussion in which your counterpart said you were right in your argumentation and that he has therefore…

By Corinna-Rosa Falkenberg (www.corinna-rosa.com)

SINK DEEP INTO LIFE: One of my major guidances in life is to get involved in life as deep as I can. It does not matter where and how, important is just that I do it. Earlier this year, I went back from Rome via Flixbus to Munich, slept in my car in the dark forest (I was so scared) and danced Tango for a whole night. None of those activities felt comfortable at first, neither did I really know what comes next. But this is the great big world. The great big world out there is full of the…

By Corinna-Rosa Falkenberg (www.corinna-rosa.com)

WHY YOU SHOULD ALWAYS THINK FOR YOURSELF: You might be tempted to think it is too obvious when I say that you should think for yourself. To be clear, I assume that you are already thinking for yourself and I appreciate it! What I mean by saying “think for yourself” is to even have a closer look into how you create your personal opinion. You should be incredible clear what parts of your opinion is build on your own core and your own personal identity versus what is build on external influences as well as on patterns.

We humans all…

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